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India is a developing country…. someone, somewhere is always developing something!!!

In the geography class when the teacher used to tell, "India is a developing country," for a moment I was confused, what is developed country I asked. She fumbled with her saree and explained something that was nowhere closed to the answer very confidently. Still however, I never understood the meaning of the sentence and that was the B.W. era, aka Before Wikipedia in fact it was Before Internet era, so there was no one other than my school text book who could give me this information. I remember walking sadly home, that why my country is still developing when it dawned on me. It occurred to be when I was walking home one day from school and I fell in a ditch dug  on the road. I could have sworn that the ditch did not exist fifteen minutes before, no one believed me. However it dawned me inside the ditch that, India is a developing country because someone somewhere is always developing something. It was uncanny. The street outside my house was dug open 17 times in 4

The False review of the New Samsung Omnia W

Samsung Omnia W Score on SidoScope (See Below) When was the last time Microsoft made people happy? Well, I don't remember exactly and being a serial Microsoft hater I don't want to remember. Honestly, I don't think the company is bad, I just think they design bad software but that is ok, we all have done that, but worst part is they don't accept it. Technological innovation has nothing to do with business and the fact that they do business on technology is bad. When Samsung Omnia reached my doorstep, I took it as a sign from the universe that something is changing. Now lets face it, Apple is Apple they are good at something, they don't do it for free. Google in turn are slow and steady, they believe in giving it all for free, who can blame them actually? So I got Samsung Omnia W in my hand, I kept an open mind. I was not going to judge the windows mobile based on its big brother, windows. Ofcourse every family has a bad apple? Isn't it? (Apple here refe

Growing up is fun? Well, almost.

The oldest memory I have of the one dream since childhood was to grow up. If someone would ask me why exactly did I wanted to grow up, I am sure I could not answer it. Why exactly I wanted to grow up, I have no idea, but Ill tell you its not pretty. They say, age brings wisdom, I say they lie. Age just brings you better excuses to things. Every year you live in this world, you adopt to its crazy sense, you lie for living. You give our excuses for things. Some excuses are very common, like act your age or it is against religion or it is against humans but excuses are there. If being 25 is halfway there, on 26 I have crossed the threshold to what? I am not sure. Although however you convince people, you can handle it, they don't believe you. While growing up, you are led to believe that there would be a time when you are old enough, people stop telling you what to do. Turns out, just like other childhood myths like girls are not mean little girls, drinking milk is good f

I respectfully decline the invitation to join your beheading... I mean, wedding

When you are of a certain age, certain things start happening around you. You are a male who has crossed the boundaries of 25, you see females from your school (whom once you used to hit) have uploaded a cute picture of them holding a baby on Facebook. You say nothing when THAT girl for whom you literally skipped your degree education for changes her relationship status to ‘Married’, you control your emotions when the girl who was once happy go lucky is seen on Facebook with a fake smile in the arms of an equally fake man. But all these emotions run lose, when it happens, the dreaded moment of it all… an invitation to the wedding of your fellow male friend. You know its over, the end of the world is near because at that moment, the wedding invitation brings with it many many questions, some of which are better not answered. An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a court. There are two forms of an invitation, one that comes at your parents house and oth