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When the Universe saved me…

The thing about destiny is that it comes no matter what you do or what you do not, it is out there waiting for you to come, like the creator (father of the matrix) waiting for Neo in the circular chamber full of televisions. You go round across the globe, jump in the sea but at the moment you were expected to be at a particular location, you will find destiny waiting for you, ‘I was expecting you,’ it will say. I reached Delhi on the 8th Day of September in the year 2008 and was adjusting myself to the north culture. The first weekend came on the thirteenth of September when I and my friend Pawan decided to ride the metro. That year, Noida had never seen a metro line and to ride it you have to take a bus till Barakhamba, the first metro stop coming on the route in Noida-New Delhi bus. Pawan came from south-India and also was new to the north, so we strolled around a bit, checked the place and we both were looking for ATM of our banks, finally, after strolling in the scorching h