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Cosmic Cronicle Part II: The Journey into nothingness.

====================================================================== If you missed it before: Cosmic Chronicle Part I: A Small Bug. ====================================================================== I barely recall when I started my journey, was it yesterday? or just last week? I have already lost the track of time and I do not see the sun any more. The skies are scarred by the dense smog to see anything beyond it. I have finally managed to find a car in this wreak and am driving without any directions. I have filled it with radioactive isotope I collected from the atmosphere. I am just exploring, waiting for my death. Well, yes I am going to die, I am the last species of Homo Sapiens who populated the planet we called earth. My planet was destroyed by a small human error and now I stand on the threshold at the end of Humanity. So far, my journey is fruitless and I have found no one else except for few rats, who have grown bigger than a human house due to radiation. I am d