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Cosmic Cronicle Part II: The Journey into nothingness.

If you missed it before: Cosmic Chronicle Part I: A Small Bug.
I barely recall when I started my journey, was it yesterday? or just last week? I have already lost the track of time and I do not see the sun any more. The skies are scarred by the dense smog to see anything beyond it.

I have finally managed to find a car in this wreak and am driving without any directions. I have filled it with radioactive isotope I collected from the atmosphere. I am just exploring, waiting for my death.

Well, yes I am going to die, I am the last species of Homo Sapiens who populated the planet we called earth. My planet was destroyed by a small human error and now I stand on the threshold at the end of Humanity.

So far, my journey is fruitless and I have found no one else except for few rats, who have grown bigger than a human house due to radiation. I am driving my way wherever the road leads me, and making entry of my journey day by day so as a proof for human race.

I thank God that all people are dead and have not turned into mutants or monsters of some sort or survival would be difficult.

I wonder if I will finish this narration like Jules Verne, Around the world in 80 days for, sadly, I cannot count my 80 days as I see no sunrise, nor sunset.

I do not believe I even have 80 days of survival left.

The sky seems so dark and dangerous now with the smog covering up the atmosphere. The brown soil has turned reddish in nature mixed with bloods of all the dead species.

I have driven fairly in my new automobile and now I think I need to rest and lie down.

I am sitting here, under the darkened sky at the end of the human race waiting for my slow but certain death, try to put all the information I can collect into the chronicle.

I cannot let all this information vanish, I cannot let human race end with this.

Its a strange thing you see. My parents told me about God and I belived them. All the life I saw people fighting over religion but belive me, none, none of Gods came down to rescue the planet at the time.
If I were a religious person, I would say we all commited sins and our no-punishment guarantee is over now.
I do not know what sins I had committed that I survived. Its not easy to see all your things gone.

Today I visited my home. Nothing is left there, I saw blood all over the place. It is sad to see that here my 3 year old son played once.
The blood can be his...the burned flesh can be his mothers...

Feeling sad I was sitting on a rock wondering my future plans. What should I do? Shall I move on? or shall I settle here down when a strange thing happened.
He walked towards me.
"Hello," he smiled. He was wearing pure white clothes and had long flowing hair and beard.
"Hi..." I smiled back, not sure who he was, "You survived?"
"Yes..." he sat on the rock next to me, "Lets talk."
"Who are you?" I asked.
"Me? I am God" he smiled.
"," I staggered.
"Yes.... I have been reading your journal. Its nice to read your adventures but sadly I cannot let it survuve," he smiled, "You see we cannot leave any proof of any of this."
"Oh... ok..." I smiled, "What is going to happen now?"
"Nothing much, I have to restore the planet as it is from stratch..." he said.
"You can?" I asked, stupidly. Of course he is God, he can...duh uh.
"Yes, you see I periodically take backup of your planet and set a restore point. Since the age of dinos I have been very particular about it," he replied.
"Oh....ok," I was trying to digest the thoughts.
"You see, during the Jurassic age there was a meteoroid shower which was not phrophesized by me, but the species department tells me it was necessary to release Human being species on Earth in beta mode. So they cleared the region. Now I do not approve of such a thing, but then I cannot let this happen again, right? So...I started taking backup and it paid well, you see there was a plague epidemic that broke few days ago. The species department was trying a new species of mice, but then I could restore the whole planet," he answered.
" have a species department? You also work like humans?" I asked.
"Thats the beauty of your species you look for humanity in every thing you see," he smiled.
"You want to see humanity in God, in animals..." he answered, "Strange."
"So anyways, we are about to restore the planet in about 3 minutes from now...I just came to meet you to congratulate you for your survival..." he continued, "But in the backup, you are still stationed into your space station. So I cannot let you live here."
"Yes, you see we have come to complex part. I cannot kill you, I cannot make you vanish. Once the planet is restored there will be two of you present, which is not possible or time equilibruim will be disturbed. So I have come to take you with me. I am going to transfer you back to your form in form of memory. All the things you have witnessed will just be a dream for you. Is that ok?"
"Oh...ok," I said, God is asking for my permission?
"So now, we have one minute left. Do you want to know anything?" God asked.
"Yes, I wanted to know...what is answer to life, universe and everything??" I asked.
And God laughed...laughed out loud.
"42," he replied, "I think your fellow human answered this question long back isn't it?"
"That is correct?" I asked.
"Who knows? I don't understand you species. How do you get so much time to ponder over such questions? There is a section among you who they say can talk to me, yet I do not even know them. Why are you so worried about such things? Human life is given to do your work. Let me do mine. Why do you keep on praying to see miracles when you can be miracle yourself?
No one can die for you, no one can live for you? You have to do it yourself. Every thing you do is an adventure for me, nothing is predictable. Future is just as fragile as the past.
Just go home, do your work and sleep peacefully.
At end of the day if you can sleep peacefully, then you are holy." he replied.
"Oh..." I saw my faith crushing down in my front.
"Its about time, you are going to wake up in your space station. All the things you witness will be in memory as a dream. All the best for your future.
Oh and btw I am taking your cronicles. Those books are for my record."


After a wonderful dream I woke up fresh and peaceful.


  1. Nice read!

    You haven't been blogging much, lately... ???

  2. Yeah has taken a toll...and actually running around like crazy...but hey I got next 3 post...100th post in i'll be coming back with a bang...wait and watch!!!


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