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When the Universe saved me…

The thing about destiny is that it comes no matter what you do or what you do not, it is out there waiting for you to come, like the creator (father of the matrix) waiting for Neo in the circular chamber full of televisions.

You go round across the globe, jump in the sea but at the moment you were expected to be at a particular location, you will find destiny waiting for you,

‘I was expecting you,’ it will say.

I reached Delhi on the 8th Day of September in the year 2008 and was adjusting myself to the north culture. The first weekend came on the thirteenth of September when I and my friend Pawan decided to ride the metro. That year, Noida had never seen a metro line and to ride it you have to take a bus till Barakhamba, the first metro stop coming on the route in Noida-New Delhi bus.
Pawan came from south-India and also was new to the north, so we strolled around a bit, checked the place and we both were looking for ATM of our banks, finally, after strolling in the scorching heat of Delhi summer we decided to take the return trip home.

We were walking towards the Barakhamba Noida bus stop when Pawan said, ‘I am hungry lets eat..’
‘Let's get back in Noida, we can eat there, once it will be dark we will get lost, I do not know the way to the guest house,’ I replied (we lived in Company provided guest house)
‘Ummm, no, let's eat here and then we can go,’ said Pawan.
Fine, I agreed, indeed my stomach was also grumbling, but it was nearing seven and there was were no food courts around. The only option we could see in our front in the circle of our reach was a guy selling egg omelets. I am a pure shark-ahari (non-vegetarian), I am one of those who prefer killing someone to eat rather than pluck leaves, root, seeds of some mouth less breathing creature and make it look at you while you devour its kids, so it was not a problem for me, but Pawan was a pure vegetarian and had not yet committed the mortal sin.

He paused for a while thinking, he must be having those little devil and angel wearing himself standing on his shoulders and then decided he can eat egg only once.

As we ordered two omelets, a man hurriedly walked past us to catch the last Noida bus. I saw him stand in line as I bit into the omelet when something unexpected happened…

First, I understood nothing, then a smoke towering like a tall building emitted from the garbage bin kept near the bus stop. There were shouts, ‘Bomb, bomb,’ Pawan threw his omelet grabbed me and said, move, as my brain started gearing up (it delays a bit) I realized there was a bomb blast in the city of Delhi, the moment it took my brain to resister this incident It had a horrible realization, if we had not stopped to eat the omelet, we would be here…dead!!!!
What determines our destiny? What was the invisible force that made us stop that day? What unseen voice made Pawan accept non-veg that day? Who was pulling the strings behind us? Can it be true that the future is already determined in the past? That the lines drawn on the palm actually determine our path?

Can the phony-baloney religions answer the question? Is it that God exists but for some reason, likes to stay behind the curtain and watch the show?
That incident changed my life, all the problems in my life seemed very insignificant in comparison to this epiphany, I felt confident that day that somebody was there who was caring for me, call it luck, call it destiny, call it God, I do not know who it was, but I believe that just as I suddenly stopped from entering the blast zone that day, I will be stopped by the unknown force which will guide me to the right path immediately.


  1. Well narrated... I liked the 'shark-ahari' bit :)

    Well... call it destiny, guardian angel(s), the Supreme force, God... or what you will.

    I am a strong believer myself...

  2. What a lucky escape!!! These things really stay with you all your life don't they? It just means that you are here for a purpose - you had not fulfilled it yet (this is what I believe).

  3. It is through the events like this one starts believing in destiny, god, luck etc...true sometimes you feel someone is controlling your thoughts....

  4. Kharach asa zala hota ? good ya that u 2 got away safe...

    I am a believer in God and destiny. Science doesn't have answers to many things, and instead being arrogant we 'have' to bow before God! He and only He is the ruler.

    I can;t believe ur friend, a pure veg guy agreed to eat non-veg! That says it all, isnt it ?

    God is great! btw, i like that 'shark'ahari' :)

  5. i agree...things happen for a reason. N the reason is for the best! "Sharkahari" was superb! If you don't mind my using it, i'd like to tease my veg friends with it! ;P

  6. I believe in Destiny but we always get to choose between two or more things. :)

  7. This happened to you? Great ! you are a survivor!

  8. I generally used to eat omelet at the same place everyday, and then run for the last bus for NOIDA as I'd see the driver approach it. That very evening I decided not to have the omelet, and had boarded the bus early. Now I'm writing from hell. This place is better than NOIDA, though :P

    Nice post, btw :-)

  9. Its scaryy.... and you guys were lucky indeed....


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