• Because no one told me to shut up!!!

    Block that writer, right away.

    They say the purpose of a writer in this world is to keep civilization from destroying each other. That may be true but for a writer surviving in this little world is as difficult as swimming peacefully in a popular holiday swimming pool.

    "So you are writing a book?" she asked, nice way to start a conversation.
    "Oh yes, my first ambitious novel," I beamed, "After writing so many short stories, I decided to go for the big novel."
    "Nice. You know I also plan to write a book, but when I retire and have more time."

    Crash and burn. Straight face smiley. :|

    "Wow you write books also?" he said.
    "I am writing only one book," I clarified.
    "Nice, my life is fairly easy, I go home and sleep, wake up and come to office." he informed.

    Not a thing you should be proud of.

    The best one yet was very recently.

    She, "What is your book name?"
    I told her the working title of my book.
    "Yes," I simply replied.
    "Wow, is that book published anywhere?" she asked.
    For 20 secs I was shocked. Wasn't it published but I took the higher road.
    "If the book was published anywhere, would I be writing it?" I asked simply.

    Writing a book is not as easy is it. You have writers block, creativity block, idiots blocking your way and your characters killing each other.

    True story

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    1. It happens....chalo koi baat nahi. Ignore karo, ignore karo, na koi shor karo...

    2. LOL...hota hey bhai, ye sab jhelna padta hey! ;)


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