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Short Story: Parting ways

Funny thing, I just realized I never wrote a funny short story, which was quite surprising as Story is what I like writing and humor is what I do best (atleast I think so), but for some reason I do not write a short story with a fun thing and I wanted to know why, I realized writing humorous stories is a challenge that even I cannot take. Well, below is not some of my best work, I tried to stay focused but apparently couldn’t. No characters in this story are real, any resemblances to real characters is coincidental, I just put some Blogger friends names so I might get inspired but well… you tell me how it is.
Sreya was driving all the way to her friends house. As always Shruti was in trouble.
‘He has left again, Sreya,’ said Shruti between sob, ‘it was so obvious since beginning, he as just messing around. Its over girl, its over. I have nothing else to do now.’

‘Now hold on your tight, girl,’ said Sreya, ‘I am coming there, don’t worry.’
Sreya drove around the block twice, Shruti and Rahul were rocking for years, their relation as in and out. Rahul was arrogant, he has no right to do this again and again.
Every time he will go and throw her to dogs. Then it would be her job to bring her back, make her strong. They would bitch about him for days and when it was time to take Shruti to the singles bar, he would return, that dog would return in her life. The same thing would repeat all over again. Bastard.
She preferred Neha, in the case , whenever Neha had a breakup she would use her 5 MM Deagle revolver and empty a complete clip on her bedroom all. The firing relieved her mood but not for some girls. What had they fought about again? millions of thoughts came into her mind about the possible reasons why they broke off again. What had Rahul done this time? Why was getting into relationship so bad? She and Bharathi were moving smoothly, like a well oiled machine. Why couldn’t Shruti and Rahul do the same? Shruti was a romantic fool, Rahul knew that, then why did he have to do it? and if he did it once, why did he come back?
Climbing out of the lift, she prepared the final list of bad words to call Rahul in front of Shruti, nothing over the top lest if he comes back, she will feel awkward. She pushed open the door hard as if to knock it down.
‘What has the bast…’ she couldn’t complete the sentence, Rahul was in the kitchen making coffee and smiling.
‘What the…?’ she exclaimed.
‘She is over there with the box of tissues,’ he pointed, ‘go over i’ll get coffee.’
Totally confused about the incident she saw her friend crying on the couch. Now she was super confused.
‘It is over,’ Shruti cried, ‘Its finally over…’
‘Wha…?’ Sreya couldn’t continue.
‘The Kukurmati Ki Karam Bhari Kahani is finally over, Sreya after the horrible 256754667 episode her husband has left her forever,’ Shruti sobbed hard and hugged her, ‘What will i do now in the evenings’.
P.S. This ain’t over.
P.P.S. Don’t kill me.


  1. grrrrr...
    I never see serials!! But it was awesome!!
    Me n Rahul?! :P
    Sreya and Bharathi, ROFL :D
    Too good sid too good!!

  2. OMG!!! If my friend did this to me (like Shruti), I would have fired her like Neha!! ;)
    What an imaginative story, Sid! :-o
    All this while, the picture of Shruti picking flowers, a smiling Rahul and a Sreya posing with a beautiful landscape as backdrop flashed in front of my eyes! :p

  3. Loooking forward to what will happen next, as you said;"this ain't over."

    Keep writing;;)

  4. lol... :D
    Dude, I wonder why you have doubts regarding writing humourous stories. This is certainly excellent. Women and their soaps! Ah!
    Thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

    P.S. If you have some time, kindly go through my attempts at funny stories: 'Philosophy with a cup of coffee' and 'Broken Hearts.'

  5. Oh my God! What Shruti Shreya Rahul and Bharati say about this??! Anyway I liked the story. You can try to write some are really good at humor!

  6. @Shruti
    I know you watch Tamil serials all the time...:P You keep system on and go and watch the,...:D

    Now remember, Paring are done quite randomly and imaginary...and has no relation to living or dead.

    There are many more people coming up...:D

  7. @Shilpa
    He he he.... that is not for me to blame...:P

    Story is imaginary...:D

    thanks for supporting...:D

  8. @Shilpa..... believe me, that is the next part, Sreya shooting down Shruti!! I am going to have a talk with the dratted writer! :))

  9. @Chatterbox
    Yup this ain't over... except if these people kill will b over...:P

  10. @Karthik
    Thanks buddy...yup, I will go trough your stories, maybe that will motivate me.

    And thanks for encouraging me, this story took me eight hours to write which is like 10 times the time I usually write stuff. So...

    Thanks for support.

  11. @Pra
    Lets hope nobody kills me...:d

  12. Hahaha... That was really good...When Shruti said that its over, i was like why was Rahul smiling and making coffee. Only that i didnt know what was over.. Too good man...

  13. Well, the casting of the story was super cool!!!
    ;)) Do you know that you are crazy??

    by the way what do you mean by 'it ain't over??' is there second episode too?? :-/

  14. OMGGGG!!
    im STILL laughing! 'the horrible 256754667 episode her husband has left her forever' - WTF!!

  15. wah.. kya baat hai..!!

    Good one sid really..

    On top of everything, i loved ur intension behind your this post.. :) keep it up..

  16. Definitely killing you!! :p

    Lol...that was a twist I never saw coming though...:D

  17. Hehe gr8 stuff...... I was starting to think it was gonna be sumthin about the revolver! lol

    Wouldn't it be easy if someone shot ekta kapoor?

  18. lolzzzzzzzzz...
    Goddddd hahaha
    this ws too funny haha

  19. Gawdd! that was so awesum!! haha!
    like the most unexpected ending eva!!=))

  20. Hahahaaaaa :)) Read it yest but commenting late. Sreya and Bharathi =)) Shruti watching soaps :P

  21. @Pramoda
    intension was simply 2 write a joke...and take revenge...:P

  22. @Saurabh
    You wish...the gun will come soon...:D

  23. @Evansense
    :P good to c u came twice...:D

  24. @Rahul
    welcome back dude...:P

    I missed you too...:P

  25. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha...

    Sreya, wanna borrow my revolver? :P

    sid, loved this one...i am waiting for the next part now...still ROFLMAOing :D

  26. @Neha
    Sure thing... u will see next part soon...:D

  27. *sob* *sob* :(( ..... its over its over ....

    Its like me... when jay leno left the tonight show ;)

  28. hahhahah.....That was a cool twist...
    Ohh..I know whats the sequel is going to be..
    Its after the 4555776789082nd episode, some body would die again or may be some one takes a rebirth

  29. @Naveen
    :P.... but letterman is nice na???

  30. @Dil
    I am not ekta kapoor... i am more evil than that....and unpredictable..:P

  31. hahaha very funny. I dont know how I missed this post. recently I missed too many. sorry buddy.

    Ps. I particularly liked Rahul's comment.

  32. @Bharathi
    Thus completes my characters i was waiting for...:P

    now part 2 and 3 will go live... hu hu ha ha ha...:P


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