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Salaam Mumbai

Its been a while since it happened, and whatever happened was not good, yet the spirit on Mumbai is not shaken and Mumbai still stands foiling all the plans of terrorist. Salute to thee the city of lights, still standing erect amidst all plight. Poem written as a tribute to the mumbai city on 26/11/2009 and to that every individual who dropped a shed of tear for the wounded and shaheed Indians.
Their day begins before the sun rise,
The young, the old, the strong and the wise,
Their feet bound to the clock’s tick,
They start each day with a strong kick.
They are the mumbaikars, the busy bee,
Why I salute them you will see.bangladesh-soil-may-have-been-used-in-26-11
They always climb the local trains,
In the sun or even in the rains,
They race against time,
And with the clock their feet rhyme.
They are the mumbaikars, the worthy lot,
Living in the city humid and hot.

Every one has his own life,
With arrogant son or over smart wife,
They bear mean bosses or bad teachers,
They avoid the beggars and religion preachers,
They are the mumbaikars, the hard worker,
They love wada pav more than burgers.

Then ten terrorist saw the town,
In a little boat, they came around.
They attacked the city breaking its backbone,
They were happy with the job perfectly done.
The essence of the city was a bit shaken, genImage-medium
The world shook seeing the city weaken.

The police force came to fight the goons,
But the fight they could not stop it soon.
It was raining bullets, which made the city rattle.
The warriors used the 13th century weapons, to fight the 21st century battle.
But finally the warriors won the war,
the terrorist thought their message has reached afar.

Suddenly the city raised its helping hand,
They were ordinary people without a magic wand.
They didn’t need superman to save their soul,
Ordinary people reconstructed the city back to the whole.
The are the mumbaikars, the common men, 
victoriat-mumbai-weekend-packages-mediumAt times they turn to super-men.

All the people big and small,
All the people short and tall,
Today they were neither Muslims nor Hindus,
Neither were they Marathi's, Bhaiyaa's or Mallu’s
Today they were just humans,
Supermen and wonder women.

Setting aside their differences, they helped each other,
Even helping their enemies. They didn’t bother,
On its feet, again, the city rose,
Seeing the site, the terrorist froze.
All the months of planning went in vain,
For the city felt very little pain.

They again wake up before sun-rise,
Join the work with tear in the sad eyes,
For the brothers who had died,
For the orphans and widows who have cried.
I salute to thee: the spirit of Mumbai city,
Yee are proven best, its the terrorist I pity.

The awesome picture of Mumbai:
Others pictures taken from Google Images, if you hold the copywrite, do inform I will remove them or mention your link.


  1. Awesome! Truly a great tribute.

    No matter what... our 'movers and shakers' will put it down to the 'resilient spirit' of Indians... or even the people of Mumbai. And then... 'Business as usual'...

  2. Hey siddie.. beautiful poem dude.. capturing the essence of being a common mumbaikar along with the mumbai seige and its aftermath! Kuddos :)
    All the people big and small,
    All the people short and tall,
    Today they were neither Muslims nor Hindus,
    Neither were they Marathi's, Bhaiyaa's or Mallu’s
    Today they were just humans,
    Supermen and wonder women.

  3. awesome piece...but what have we done after the attack?

  4. @Neha
    If u ask me, Mumbai was never about the government. It has always been about the silent unnamed crowd that beats in the heart of Mumbai and its this undying spirit of mumbai that I am saluting in the poem.

  5. ok, kal ki baat hai...I was travelling in a local train..I spotted a parcel around 6 feet long and wrapped in a black plastic bag..I asked people whose that was, but nobody answered..i threatened them saying i will pull the chain as soon as we reach the next station and call the lady with a kid said that it belonged to her..I demanded to see it, she refused saying that i am absurd as i am doubting a lady travelling with a kid..i again threatened her that i would call the cops...she opened the bag, and there were few wooden sheets inside..

    later, everyone appreciated my move..but nobody bothered to notice that easily we forgot the train blast, 26/11 blasts and many call this spirit of mumbai - that people are back on their feet..they are used to take this crap according to me...they still are not careful about their surroundings, aware about their responsibilities...

    I feel the lives were wasted of those who died fighting for people who are too busy to be responsible for their own good...

    oh yes, I salute such spirit..

  6. tat ws well said sid...
    a salute to all who lost their lives...

  7. Writing a poem coverin evereythin is rly difficult..liked this a lot...

    A salute 4m me too to the "City tht never Sleeps.." :)

    Salaam Mumbai.....!!

  8. @urvashi
    Tx a lot for the encouraging words...:)

  9. i am not much into poems as i cant write one myself but i love the poems which are easy like this. you did sum up mumbai very well here. it was a nice read.


  10. An apt tribute to the 'Mumbaikars' they are resilient et all.... but this time damage has taken quite time to repair .... Hope we are able to stop such other activities in this country .....

  11. that was a damn nice poem yaa..:)

  12. @Papillon
    Welcome 2 sidoscope...:D Tx

    Tx for the read... its easy writing a poem..:D

  13. This is good and moving have become a poet dude...

  14. @Adesh
    Wow..coming from you, it really must be true...tx buddy.

  15. @Pooja
    Tx. :) If a mumbaikar loved it...thats all the certification I need...:P

  16. Damn sad what happened. It literally shook the nation. And an awesome tribute! :)

  17. @Nivedhitha
    Yes it was a sad thing..hope it never happens again... we can only hope.


  18. "I salute to thee: the spirit of Mumbai city,
    Yee are proven best, its the terrorist I pity."

    Its more of a "no choice" thing than spirit .. they cant curl up in there beds ..n shut themselves from the outerworld.. the life must go on ..anyways awesome write-up



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