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Short Story: Eklavya

‘Where are you taking me?’ shouted the man on the passenger seat.

‘Enjoy your ride,’ the driver smirked, a thick bullet proof wall separated them from each other, ‘You may never get another one for a long time.’

36 hrs earlier.
The mansion stood magnificently beachside in Mumbai. It was owned by a famous celebrity who made a millions in the recent movie release, but today his grandeur, his magnificence was covered under the color of khakhi. Police surrounded the place in z-security pattern to protect the famous personal. Just last night, the chief minister of Maharashtra was on television assuring the people, the city is safe, no assassin will be allowed to run around on the street of Mumbai shooting at free range.

Of-course he underestimated Eshaan, the number one gun available freelance on the market. 100% assurance rate, never missed a shot in his lifetime. Currently walking across the juhu beach with a girl giggling walking along side. A plain informal short sleeves shirt, low waist jeans, a smiling face with silky hair neatly gelled. He excused himself for a while and the girl simply walked in the muddy waters quietly. In fifteen minutes the quiet sound of waves was drowned by the sudden commotion followed by the flood of police sirens and ambulance. Megha knew the rest, Eshaan had lived upto his promise of 100% assurance rate. She kicked the water softly and it splashed on her face giving a cooling sensation.

“Magnificent…” said Roy clapping his hand, “What did i tell you? If someone could do it… it is got to be Eshaan. How he did it, is still a mystery thought.”

Eshaan quietly sipped on his martini at the bar.

“Of-course the maestro doesn’t share his methods,” said Santo, the right hand man of the mob. Roy was a little irritated at the reticence, “But now the world will know, Even if Tatya is no more, our terror remains on the world under my rule”

Tatya was the known name in the Mumbai underworld, uncrowned king of the criminals. He ruled the city proudly for nearly six decades when last month a tragic stroke finished him completely.

"Now listen," Roy said, "I have one more task for you. I have court hearing day after tomorrow, I want you to slice off the girl tonight..."

Eshaan stared at Roy.

"What are you looking at?" Roy asked even more irritated.

"I won't do it. The girl is just 12, what you did is wrong," Eshaan replied, "You had no right to destroy the girl's life to get back with her father. In our underworld we follow a rule, unwritten rule, have decency in your work. You had enmity with her father, how dare you and your friends gang-rape the little girl? Your dad would never have approved.."

"Listen, buddy," Roy held his collar, "I don't care about your ethics and morals those things are of past, my dad is dead, this is my time now. Everyone has a price, name your price..."

Roy was the elder son of late criminal boss, Tatya. Roy was young, dynamic and arrogant.

As Eshaan walked out of the door, Santo remembered the promise on death-bead to Tatya,
'Santo, my boy,' Tatya said, 'I am sorry I am not leaving the gang to you...I am leaving the gang to Roy, son. Please take his care. I know he is young and arrogant, but pleaaaaase help him...promise me Santo..'
Santo hesitated taking the dying mans hand in his hand,
'I promise, brother,' Santo said reluctant and kissed the rings on his fingers, ‘I will look after Roy.’
Santo watched Eshaan stood in the hallway and closed his eyes.
'Sigh... the girl is only 12...'
For a moment, he closed his eyes in deep thought and then removed his silence revolver.
Somethings have to be done.
Roy stared at the wall blankly, how dare someone say no to him?
'Roy,' Santo said quietly, 'I think what you spoke to Eshaan...'
'STFU uncle,' said Roy, 'I know what I am capable of...everyone has a price, its about time I find one on Eshaan...'

The wicked grin on Roy face was enough to scare the wits of Santo.

12 hours earlier

‘Our new boss is having a field day,’ Eshaan said.

‘He is young,’ Shanto replied, ‘I promised Tatya I will guide him, he is my nephew you know…’

The phone rang disturbing their conversation…

'Listen buddy,' Roy spoke on other side, 'Now have done a lot of backtalk on my expense, not any more.'

Eshaan put the phone on loudspeaker for Shanto to hear.

'Listen hard, I want that 12 year old sliced up before my hearing tomorrow, I have your girl with me,' he spoke.

Megha's voice echoed on the phone, ‘help…’

'Simple deal, you see, its either the twelve year old or choose...'

The phone hung up. Eshaan simply gazed at Santo and walked away…

Today Earlier
'Reporting live from the supreme court of India,' the reporter broadcasted on the hearing day, 'Today the famous mob boss, Roy Tatya is in the criminal box. We are all waiting for the only eye-witness to testify against the mafia leader. Will we see justice finally? Today is judgment day for the blind Goddess of love? Or he is going to be let lose on mere technicality like many others'

A reporter side-by-side was broadcasting, ‘Roy Tatya was recently into picture when famous underworld tycoon announced his own son, Roy, as the next ruler of mafia, people were shocked as the immediate heir to thrown was Shanto Kumar, blood brother of Tatya, today has the devil run his days? Has finally death caught up with him? we all need to know…’

The court room was full many people formed the stands and Roy sat there confident behind his panel of lawyers, he knew nothing was going to go wrong. He had bought the judge, the lawyer and the inspector. If they don’t produce the witness, he was going to become free, the witness was taken care of by…

His thought cut short when the girl walked into the witness box.

Angered he glanced at his men, they understood and walked out of the door to kill the other girl. As the man dialed, Shanto stepped out from the darkness and stopped the man.

Today a minute or so earlier…
‘Damm it,’ angered Roy sat into his bullet proof sedan which had come to pick him up, ‘How dare he. I will teach Eshaan who is the boss, I will ruin his life… I will…’ He glanced out of the tinted window, they were heading out of the city.

‘Driver, driver…’ Roy screamed but the bullet proof glass separated him from the driver.

On the intercom driver spoke, ‘Its too late Roy,’ Eshaan smiled turning back from the driver seat, ‘You stepped out of line kidnapping the girl.’

‘Oh my… I…’ Roy looked behind, none of his security vehicles followed them, he was trapped, sitting duck.

‘Where are you taking me?’ shouted Roy
‘Enjoy your ride,’ Eshaan smirked, ‘You may never get another one for a long time.’
The sedan was stopped outside the dense forest, Shanto and two other men where waiting for them.
Eshaan pulled Roy out of the passenger seat and threw him at their feet, Shanto removed the boss ring from his fingers,

‘Uncle…’ Roy pleaded, ‘I am sorry. I am a kid, please uncle, I will go into hiding, I will not be seen by anyone ever, promise…uncle.’
‘Your father was very particular about rules Roy,’ Shanto said dragging Roy into the forest, ‘Never leave a enemy alive or he will strike back.’

Shanto looked into the sky and said, ‘Forgive me Tatya, I am disobeying your last orders. Hope you understand.’
He wore white gloves and loaded his pistol with silencer. Bang, Roy’s head was blasted off.

They buried the body quietly into the jungle and left.

This story is dedicated to Godfather and Sopranos, The Movies, books and serials that entertained the world at gun-point.
Eshaan, the master hitman are some stories I wrote in college days, publishing for the first time.

Would you like to hear more mob stories of Eshaan? Do mention in comments.


  1. btw i didnt understand how is the tittle of the post, Eklavya, related to the story... am i too ignorant...??

  2. too good... the story kept me engrossed till the end...

    I am quite amazed by your skills sid.. Dude, You rock..

  3. All the while I was remembering God Father. Roy kinda reminded me of Sonny... a bit more worse and Ehshan of Mike. Its my favorite book!!! Its so so amazing that any thing i read now has to be better than that and thats a tough task :).

    Good one :).

  4. @Chandz
    Eklavya was also a person outside the fraternity like Eshaan, so i named it Eklavya....:D

  5. @Harini
    Yup, Roy was Sonny but Sonny was sensible...Roy wasn't...:D

  6. Godfather indeed! Sure! would love to read more Eshaan stories ... this one has made want more :D


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