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Funny Story: The Moment of Happiness

200Posts He glanced at the ink pen sitting on the writing table, with immense pride he picked it up. Vyomkesh was happy today, he quickly glanced at the table calendar, the red mark on the date 1st Jan 2010 made him smirk. Finally the day was here.
Finally the nine years of torment were over, his dear daughter turned 18 and the last of the palimony cheque.

He remembered the speech he had prepared for this occasion, ‘Today, at the stroke of midnight, I become free. No more paying half of my life saving for my wife who dumped me and ran away.’
He was in a cheerful mood today, he went to make coffee all by himself. Funny thing, he realized how the whole fight started over morning coffee. He went to cook a fresh batch of pan cakes for his morning breakfast.
inkpen No more torments, no more cheque, no more court dates. He can meet his daughter anytime he wants, he can provide her things. Finally can rectify the mistake of hiring the bad lawyer and loosing his daughter to the cruel mom.
She came down in her pajamas and kissed on his cheek, ‘Good morning daddy.’
‘Hey good morning sweetheart,’ he smiled as widely as he could in a decade, ‘Happy birthday, honey.’
‘Thank you, so much, daddy,’ she smiled as she ate the first batch of pan cakes.
He puffed his chest as widely as he could and spoke the next words,
‘So, hon, you are eighteen now, today while you go with your mom for lunch, do give her this last cheque,’ he stressed the last words very carefully, ‘Do tell her that now she has no way to torture me for the rest of my life. Also tell her, its finally over, and also mention that she disgust me and that I hate her, will you? Sweetheart?’
surprise ‘Sure daddy,’ she said sweetly.
So he spend the awesome day, even more awesome. He enjoyed his lunch in happiness.
Finally his daughter returned for dinner, which he had ordered from the five star restaurant in the city.
‘So’, he asked cheerfully on dinner, ‘Gave my message to your mother?’
‘Yup,’ she said sweetly.
‘So… what did she say?’ he asked, not knowing when to stop.
‘She gave you a message, daddy,’ said his daughter, ‘She told me to tell you, that I am not your daughter.’

Howdy folks, this was my 200th post, which earlier I wanted to give a boring lecturing on the journey of blogging, and how I reached and blah blah blah, but then I thought what the hell… who wants boring speech anyways, I want to entertain you and here goes. I promise to do so more and more and even more than the more. So have a blast coming, just 3 days to go.
If you didn’t observe it yet, I have a new domain for the blog, and a brand new email id for all communication.
Email: hi5 AT sidoscope DOT co DOT in
SiD aka Ravan.


  1. The man got the shock of his life. Moment of happiness becomes moment of truth.

    It could've been more funnier if it was in 55er or 77er format.(Thats what i feel) :)


  2. @Shilpa
    Right...but I don't write 77er and I tried writing in 55er but wanted to expand it..:D

    so I unnecessary extended it...;)

  3. OMG ! that was fucking awesome ! i really couldnt digest the fact that you were writing something dramatic in your 200th post ! lol ! congrats for the double century !


  4. Oh loved it!That was one big blow to his ego!congrats on reaching 200 posts!

  5. Oh!! I forgot to wish you... Happy 200th Post!!! ;)


  6. Wow! That is called a boomerang! ;)

    Congrats on the double century!

  7. hi sid
    well it feels good to be here..urs is really a nice blog :) ..congrats for making it to such a level ..and yes piece is really awsome..wondering the feelings of man hereafter.. :)

  8. @Neha
    he he he...just thought will make a fun at the double century...;)

  9. @Roshmi
    Yeah the woman was smarter...:P

  10. @Vishal
    and it feels good to see you here...:D thanks for sharing the sentiment...:D

  11. hahaha....... that was amazing man... ma jaw dropped when i read the last line... lol.. poor dad...

  12. @Chanz
    Yeah... that was a big bonkers for him...:D

  13. oyee!
    happy 200th post :)

    i'm gonna get my 50th in a few days
    bleh :P

  14. lolzzzzzzzzz wat a woman she made him liv on her terms :P

    well well women r so clever u see ;)

    happy 200th post mey u hav many more, hayypy new yr too :)

  15. That was a big spoil for the man I guess..:) But it brought a smile to me :)

  16. Awesome story. :) Am sad for Vyomkesh though! :(
    Awesome milestone achieved! :)
    Congratulations!! :)

  17. @Orange
    Great... wen i reached my fifty I had 0 comments, 0 followers...:P

  18. @Priya
    Now now...the guy was a sadist...can't help it...:P

    Thank you for the wishes...:D

  19. @Aativas
    It made you smile, means it achieved its purpose, the story was only meant to make you smile...:D

  20. @Shilpa
    :D thanks dear... yeah Vyomkesh made a monkey out of him...:P

  21. Happy 200 posts! And what a way to celebrate the landmark! Though I guess this post was more of a candidate for a 55 er post. Why don't you give a shot at converting the post into that category?

  22. @Mayank
    Cos I wanted my 200th post to be atleast 200 words and not just 55 words...:P

    doosh... i got too many fiction 55 er written enjoy them...:D

  23. brilliant man!!!

    BTW, i've tagged you in my last post ... do respond!

  24. @Orange and Subhayan
    Wow... guys, sure i will do it..:D

  25. holly molly .... that man got a hand-less slap of his life


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