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    Hi My name is Siddhesh Kabe, Indian and proud.
    I am a story-teller currently based out of Bangalore. Born in the cultural hub of Maharastra, Pune, I have travelled to and lived in more than ten cities in India. I work on various medium including but not limited to graphic novels, comics, novels and film scripts. I see the way things are without the way things should be. I challenge beliefs and minds to show you world beyond your wildest imagination. I mostly write on science fiction, fantasy, mythology and sometimes thrillers. My upcoming projects include a novel that scourges the dark underbelly of mad science and a fantasy graphic novel that is going to shake your roots
    When I am not writing, reading, drawing and arguing you will find me riding my bicycle in the city or crossing state borders on my bike. I prefer making my own tea and exploring new things.
    Feel free to get in touch in any way possible and together we will change the world over cup of hot coffee.