Twenty nine, not there yet

When you are Twentynine you are not there yet. Middle age has not yet started, you are no longer young adults or new adults. You are just stuck there. In the middle of nowhere.
They say age bring with it wisdom, it must have misplaced it on the way. The only thing age brings is experience. What you lose along the way is close friends, if you have chosen the one closest to you she remains back. Stays awake with you and watches your favorite movies with you. I found mine few years back. What you also gain along the way are a bunch of enemies. If you haven't already, you really have not stood up for everything.
One thing you learn, however, is that there are no four people interested in your life. The famous legend of four people states that there are four people interested in every detail aspect of your life, it's been twentynine years I didn't find one.
So as goes the tradition what did I learn in Twentynine years?
Mostly that fear does not help you solve problems. When we are young we do a lot of things without fear, as we grow older we learn to fear. Fear of God, society, culture, tradition and reputation.
This year saw an exciting stride towards my ultimate goal. I relocated to London, completed my first novel and completed a graphic novel. At the beginning of the new 30, I am already working on my next epic story as I wait for the first one to publish.
Thia past year was a bit of hits and misses. But it was also a year of great hope. In a way every passing year brings with it something in his kitty Bag, something important.
This year there were many instances that challenged by beliefs but did not shake me completely. Perhaps that's what life is? Standing tall in running water?
Stay true to yourself, was the motto this journey started on. So far everything is on track. The moment is coming soon.
After debating for over a year I finally have a Facebook page, join me there for my next year updates.
Twentynine does nothing significant to your life, it simply brings along a warning. The big 30 is coming soon. You cannot however prepare because Twentynine does not bring you wisdom, it simply is there to remind you.
Happy birthday to me.


  1. Oh my god I loved your post. Mostly because I could relate to every single thing being 29 myself.

    1. 29 is a good year to be in. Glad that you could relate.


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