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Short Story: The memory that leaked!!!!

A tribute to those who got a closure after twenty six years, maybe the closure was not what we all expected but now at-least you don't have to keep waiting.

Destiny wanted him to die, he had some other plans.

His hands shivered as he flipped the television remote. Every channel was flashing the same news, Indian Judiciary sold, India bends to America, CEO runs off in Government plane. Slowly he closed him eyes and took a deep breath.

The morning newspaper he remembered was kept on the rack, he struggled to get up from his rocking chair. He was old now, with his bones given up the strength  

His grandson was sleeping peacefully in his bed. He remembered his sleep on the midnight of third Dec 1984.

The pressure cooker whistled in the kitchen and his heart skipped a beat, it was nothing, just his daughter-in-law cooking rice. It was like this since last 26 years. The dreaded whistle which robbed him of his childhood. 
His heart would jump every time he heard a whistle.

The siren whistle came from the factory near their house, it woke up the whole area. They all gather outside the door to see what is wrong.

It was his neighbor who first complaint of itching in his eyes and before he could rub them, they were gone, poof, before he was taken to the hospital.

His father had come running outside the door, pulled him in his arms, 'Inside now,' he growled.

How scared he was that day, he had thought something he had gone had fallen into his fathers hand.

'But I want to see,' shouted the brother.
'Get inside NOW,' father scolded, 'Do not argue.'

He stared at me and he ran inside, not wanting a punishment. His brother however was now old and wanted to disobey his father.

'He ran off in the darkness,' father said coming in the house to his mother, refer to my brother, 'Won't listen to me. What can we do?' 
Mother firmly shut the windows and kept wet cloth on the hinges, 'What can we do? Just pray?'
Father was tuning the 'All India Radio' to try to listen to the news.

'What if he doesn't return?' father said still looking at the door, hoping to hear the knock, 'I should go and drag him inside.'

'No, don't,' mother said nervously, 'He will take shelter somewhere. Someone will take him inside the house.'

The dreaded hours they spend inside the house, each minute seemed like hours. What has happened? He did not know. Mother and father did not know anything at all.

Was something wrong? where was his brother? There was a lot of hustle and bustle outside the door, initially it was police siren who announced on the loud speaker, 

'Please do not leave house, stay indoor and bolt shut your doors'

Then there was a cry of wail outside where people shouting, 'Leave this place,'
'Its God wraith.'

Why were they outside running off? Why were we sitting in there? There was no grocery in the house, but mom said nothing, they just sat there. 

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours. and finally at day break, there was another police siren, 'EVERYTHING IS NORMAL' they shouted.

Dad slowly got out and rushed him and his mother to hospital. There were thousands of people there, some vomiting, some were breathing hard as if someone was smoldering them. They were not admitted in the bed, but were lying there on the ground in the hall.

His father immediately contacted doctor uncle, he was their neighbor, and doctor quickly opened my eyes, 'Do you feel any itching?' doctor asked.
'Good boy, here is a toffee,' doctor smiled and checked the eyes of his father and mother.

Doctor uncle then told him and mother to sit in the office and he went out with father to search for his brother.

He finally managed to get up and walk towards the rack. The photo frame of his older brother was there hanging.

'If only you had listened brother,' he said softly picking up the paper, 'If only.'

'This should give you some closure,' he thought and the dam of tears that was build over the time for last twenty six broke and he cried.

Authors note: The characters are completely fictional and the story is based on account of a survivor. The narration of the events is, as is, and only modification is done to add story effect to the narration.

The story is purely written as a tribute to those who lost their kins in the disaster. Please do not comment on the politics of the issue.

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He stood there on the grave of his best friend, holding a piece of paper in his hands. The piece was paper was the echo of his friend last words on earth. A single tear rolled on his chin and went for a free fall onto the mud with a splash.

Eighteen years ago, location: A walking path in an unknown forest

They were teens, 18-19 year old and wore pure white robes and were arguing furiously.
 'You know it,' the 18 year old, Dhuri was talking.
 'I do not,' his friend, Aju said.
 'You do...,' Dhuri said, 'I know guruji took you aside and taught you the way.'
 Aju kept mum, the fact that Dhuri knew about his secret scared him. Guruji had warned him of the threats.

‘We are best friends Aju, tell me,' Dhuri said.
 'It's hidden,' Aju finally said.
 'Fine then, if you do not want to tell me, I am no longer your friend,' Dhuri walked away onto the dusty

Aju watched his friend disappear into a distance. Some part inside him knew this would be the last time they would meet as friends.

A single tear rolled on his chin and went for a free fall onto the mud with a splash.

Seventeen years Eight month ago, location: Agatyasram

The house of hermit Agatya was known as the oldest ashrams present in modern India. The ashram was older than planet earth itself; it was the ashram where Guru Bhrahaspati trained the Gods. This ashram contains all the keys to unlock the nature, all the secrets of nature that man has been trying to learn so hard.

It was followed by the strict hidden protocol and code of governance and protected by the powerful nature. The path to the Ashram was tricky and confusing and no one could reach there without getting lost. People did find it when they were in trouble and despair, and they would be treated inside using the oldest medicine known to man. They would try to return back but would never succeed.

Aju and Dhuri were the students of the same ashram. Both were born during the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction, a powerful union of two most powerful planets, one known for his good, the other known for his bad. They were born on 31st day in the month of January 1981 with a time difference of forty seconds between their births.

The forty seconds may have made the difference.

'It is time Aju,' Guruji had said to him after the class of Hatha Yoga, 'You learn the true nature of Agatyasram.'

Aju simply followed his master, 'As you know this ashram was established by the Deva-guru Bhrahaspati himself. Agatya was the guard of Deva-guru and this ashram. When the first attack on the ashram was made by Shukracharya and his little army of Demi-Gods it was Agatya who protected the Deva-guru.

Pleased with his service and dedication, Deva-guru offered him a role, an immortal role to protect the last secret on earth. Agatya was gifted a boon that his soul will break the cycle of life and death and will be reincarnated again and again.

In his lifetime, the Agatya chooses his next successor, the next Agatya, who has to prove his worth and dedication just like the first Agatya did. If he passes the test, he is deemed fit to know the secret.'

'What secret guruji?' Aju asked innocently.

'You will know soon, son,' the old sage smiled, 'for the next Agatya has come down with us.'

'Who?' Aju asked.

'Here begins the journey to the crown of the first Agatya.'

The sage opened the wooden door, beyond which a dark realm was spread which invited the teenager into nothingness.

Four Years ago, location: A distant cave beyond the veils of humanity

He was lying there for a year, or was it, for two years. He really had lost the track of time. Since childhood Dhuri always was smart kid in his class. People shunned him for being born to the poorest family in the village and his entire life became a race. A race against everything. He adored the magic of science, of Chemistry, of maths. He enjoyed the miracles of wavelength and the magic they produced in his tiny hands.

He knew God had sent him down to do great things, he simply knew it.

When he was invited at the Ashram, he unlocked some of the deadliest secrets hidden in the bowels of earth below the lowest foundation of the hut. He was caught reading scrolls in the dark caves under the lowest foundation of the ashram.

But before they could throw him out he knew the exact procedure to make the Brahmastra, he knew the unbeatable army strategy of Chakravyuva, and he had all of it into his memory. Using the information and knowledge he had waged a war against everything in the world.... and won.

But there was one fight, he could not win, the fight against time. He was still bound to the laws of the world; his body was getting old and wearing. He knew Agatya had beaten him at this war, he was immortal.

His quest for immortality had made him land in the cave away from the human habitat some one-two years ago, beaten and badly bruised. He was waiting for the right time, when the planets would line up and heal him.

Today was his lucky day.

Six Years ago, location: A walking path in an unknown forest

'So you return,' Aju said waiting in the path of Dhuri.

'I had to, my friend,' Dhuri smiled, 'You know something which I want.'

'I have given you my answer long back. Now I suggest you leave, for you cannot find the ashram anymore.'

'Oh yes I can, you know, it’s not miracle after all, it’s all in a pattern. I have been studying it for quite some time now and I know the way back. The only thing is, you stand in my way and I do not want to hurt you.'

'There are far more worst thing that death, my friend,' Aju smiled, 'if you want the test of strength, so be it.'

The show of strength was enormous. The fight shook the very foundation of planet earth.

Huge Tidal waves splashed on the shores of the lands, the land shook and shivered and developed a crack in the middle.

Animals ran hitter and titter. Dogs howled for days on end.

The battle lasted for years on end and finally after 547 days Agatya pinned Dhuri on the ground.

'I think it is time you left,' Aju said and vanished leaving Dhuri shaken and without support.

Yesterday, location: A small hut at edge of the forest.

Birds where always the Ashrams messenger, when Dhuri saw the note he knew, the ashram wanted him. The messenger was a crow, indicating a dark message. Trembling he read the note, it was scrawled upon by his friend,


Fearing the worst he dashed into the forest, towards the ashram he had so despised. He ran without thinking, without waiting and ran into the heart of the forest into the open clearing hidden from the eyes of normal people... in the ashram.

There he was lying beaten and bruised fallen on the ground, his old friend, Aju now Agatya.

'Aju' Dhuri knelt down besides his friend who was smiling.

'You came back Dhuri,' Aju smiled, 'It is time I have to leave.'

'I am sorry, I am sorry,' Dhuri said and closed his eyes, unable to hold his tears.

'I will return, my friend, I will return. Take care of the Ashram, till then, will you?' Aju said.

'Why? Why me?' Dhuri said.

'Because now you know...' Aju handed a note in his hand.

'The answer,' said Aju and slowly closed his eyes. His head resting in his best friends lap.

He learned of the demi-gods who were waiting till their war ended. They wanted Agatya to be tired of the fight, he, Dhuri, had killed his friend. It was his punishment.

Dhuri was indirectly responsible for his friends Death.

Slowly he stood up. Should he see the answer, his friend gave on his death bed? Did he deserve to know it now? No, he did not; it was a punishment, an enduring punishment till his last breath.

He would never see the answer.


Dhuri wiped the tear from his eyes watched the pyre burn. The Agatya was resting at peace, while a new Agatya would come soon. It was his duty to protect the Ashram now, to become Agatya till the new one returns.

He glanced at the crumbled paper in his hands, no, he won't read the answer. He did not want to become immortal anymore. He would spend his life defending the ashram, waiting for his friend to return.

He threw the scrawled paper near the pyre hoping it would get burned. A new Agatya was ready to die for the ashram, only this time he did not know it yet, he was the chosen one.

The scrawled piece of paper unfolded itself to revealed the last words of Aju,

'You are Agatya'

People born under the influence of Saturn-Jupiter conjunction exhibit rare properties. Napoleon was born under one and so was Hitler. The date of saturn-jupiter conjunction is guessed and may be erroneous.

The Agatyasram is modelled on the description of Bhrahaspati Ashram of the puranas.

Back-story for Agatya is completely fictitious.

Due to the shortened length of Blog, I have edited a lot in the story and ended it quickly so you don't get bored with elongated story, do guess and assume the missing parts.

If you still did not understand then read the part of what Guruji said on identifying the Agatya and how does he become one and then read the journey of Dhuri. :)

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