Sunday, March 17, 2013

[Short Story] The Sleeping Beauty Story

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Apparently this land in far far away was biased towards the pretty princessess, hence you would find almost all the princess like Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel in this region.) lived slept a beautiful princess, called 'the sleeping beauty' (That was really her true name). One fine day, her sleeping pills wore off, and she suddenly woke up from her deep slumber.

There was no musical around her, no prince charming and neither was anything else (except maybe unlimited Wifi)

She rushed to check on to and found that all her friends from school days where in a relationship. A cold chill spread through her body as multiple thoughts came to her mind. Would she die alone? Would she never find her prince charming? Would she ever...

Her thoughts were cut short by a ping from Cinderella,
"Good morning sleeping beauty," Cinderella pinged, "Whats happening?"
'Whats happening' was considered one of the most worst thing one can say to another in this land in far far away. It was one of the top ten curse words one could ask someone who just woke up from deep slumber. But since people who woke up from deep slumber, like the sleeping beauty, were not aware of this rule, they fell for it.

"How did you get prince charming?" asked the sleeping beauty, worried that nothing was happening.
"Oh its simple," Cinderella told her about how she gate crashed the princes grand ball in which she was not at all invited. How she  escaped from the dance leaving the prince excited, high and dry. This hard to get attitude seemed to have worked for her. He came looking for her.

"That sounds like a plan," sleeping beauty said and decided to try it on. She picked up a gorgeous dress  that was sure to create a smashing impression on the prince. Finding the party to gate crash was easy, all she had to do was log on to PartySquare application to find where prince charming was right now.

In this land there, a prince grand ball happened everyday and a new prince charming hosted one of these to reassure himself of being charming. Every third person in this land was named Prince born in the family of Charming.

She walked into the party and everyone gaped at the eternal beauty. However, the prince was busy playing kingdom ville on his iPrince and completely ignored her charm. Upset, she decided to walk back to her chambers and sleep.

On the way she met Snow White, who was busy painting the night sky. 
"Hello there..." said the Sleeping beauty, "I see that engagement ring on your fingers. How are you?"
"I am fine," beamed Snow white flashing that ring.
She told her about the story and explained to her that the key to finding the good man is to live with Seven men and then dump them for the eight one who accepts you for what you are.

Sleeping beauty considered that idea for a while, then realized Snow White was top in the Physical Education class and also had joined weekend karate lessons, while Sleeping Beauty was only sleeping her whole life.
Living with Seven men and still staying a virgin for eighth was not her cup of tea. 

Sad that she would die alone, she walked past Rapunzels tower, who was sitting on the top most window. She immediately called her and asked her the secret to get a handsome prince. Rapunzel giggled from the tower, and send a 'Dhotiranjan Varadahastam Kesh Kala' oil, the secret behind long hair. 

Happy that finally she can do something, Sleeping beauty returned to her tower to try the new hair oil. When she returned she found the door ajar, cautiously, she stepped in, worried that she might find Seven little men in there, she found a note on her bed.

"Was here to ask you out, seems you already are engaged somewhere else. - Your Prince Charming."

P.s. Destiny will happen to you, weather you are there or no, is a matter of coincidence.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

[Short Story] The Story of the Goose

Uddhava knew this was the ending, this is it. After moving the people from Mathura and winning the war against Kaurava, karma had caught up with his old friend. The blood bath could not be stopped, Yadavas could not be saved. Two days ago, Uddhava was called upon by his cousin on the death bed,
The chariot raced through the muddy streets towards vrindavan. On the back seat clutching tightly to his chest sat Uddhava. Nervous, worried and upset he didn’t know what lay ahead. Events flashed in front of his eyes of the bloodbath in his bellowed Dwarka. The entire Yadav clan was dead, with their own arrows. He though of the dying words of his old friend Krishna,

‘It’s over, my friend,’ Krishna had said as he rest his head on Uddhava thigh, ‘Time for me to leave the mortal world.’

‘Don’t say this, brother,’ Uddhava smiled, ‘The vaidyas are trying their best to recover you. Do not worry.’

Krishna smiled, ‘they are bound by the physical realities of the mayavi world my friend, I am not.’
Uddhava feared as much. Being a pandit of many scriptures, including ayurveda, Uddhava knew it was really over.

‘I have one final task for you my friend,’ Krishna said, ‘Go back to Vrindavan and Mathura and tell them, I am leaving finally.’

‘Krishna,’ Uddhava exclaimed, ‘No please don’t.’ Uddhava feared of Radha who was waiting for Krishna in vrindavan, he thought of Krishna’s old father, vasudeva waiting for him to return, ‘How can you be so calm and quiet?’

Krishna smiled and said, ‘Don’t worry my friend; a true master never attaches himself to the physical realms. Learn from the goose, who sits on the water. It enjoys the water completely but does not let it stick to its feather. It knows very well when to enjoy the water and when to fly…’

His chariot went over a rock that disturbed his thoughts. Today the charioteer was also nervous, everyone was.  The entire clan, every male in the Yadav clan was dead? There were no survivors, none at all. No children, all were dead, leaving behind a hoard of weeping and crying elders. What could have cause for this blood bath?

The roads to Vrindavan were familiar, Krishan always gave him news to pass on to his birth village. Uddhava was known as the bearer of bad news. Last time he was here, he told them about Krishna would never return to Vrindavan. So many people hated him for that, don't shoot the messenger, he pleaded.

Today’s news was even worst. How would they react? The noble people of Vrindavan?
The chariot was the same that carried Krishna away from Vrindavan and it was only fair it should be used to end the final chapter.

The noble gates of Vrindavan were always open for every stranger. This pleasant village had to warriors only honest farmers and milkmen. He stopped the chariot at the banks of River Yamuna. This was the place were Krishna had defeated the giant snake Kalia. He washed his face in the holy water once. How would he break the bad news? He was the learned scholar of all the Vedas?
A splash of water disturbed his thoughts, he looked ahead to see Radha sitting at the banks of River Yamuna.

Radha used to visit the banks of Yamuna to feed the goose everytime she came home to her mailka, the home of her parents. This was a ritual that was set by Krishna who had passed on the baton to her. She looked at Uddhava and smiled, "What more bad news you bring, Uddava?" she asked simply.

His lips froze, unable to speak. The entire vocabulary vanished from his head. He looked into her eyes and mumbled something that made no sense even to him.

"He is dead isn’t he?" she asked simply without even pausing to look in his eyes and busy feeding the goose in the river.

"How do…," he mumbled and then paused, she was Krishna’s soul mate and they both were bound by a connection that wasn't merely physical, "Yes," he said finally bursting in tears.

All the emotions bottled up in his mind flooded out of the crevasse. His legs gave way and he collapsed on the ground.

"Do not mourn over the dead, Uddhava," Radha said consoling him, "We all die, eventually. Krishna taught me one thing, life moves on. Kalia, the giant snake was too attached to his abode at the bottom of this river. Krishna humbled him to move on.  Krishna always used to tell me to be like the goose in these waters. They enjoy the water, but never let the water touch its feathers."

Uddhava looked in her eyes, they were sad but had no tears, how could she not cry? She was the soul-mate of Krishna. But her eyes told a different story, they were the same like Krishna. Krishna had left the world physically, but He was with her right now.

"When Krishna left vrindavan in the chariot, we met at the same river bank," Radha explained futher, "while leaving he asked me to feed his goose while he was away. I never understood what he was trying to tell me, but finally a few days ago I realized, what he really meant was. He was never going to come back physically; he wanted me to detach myself from his physical sense, so that we can be immortal together forever. I knew when you will return again with another news it would be of his death and I had prepared myself for it," she smiled.

Now Uddhava understood why his friend had send him here. This time Uddhava was not the messenger, Radha was. The final piece of puzzle that Krishna had left for him.
Krishna was never attached to physical things or places. He had moved from Vrindavan to Mathura and then from Mathura to Dwarka. His true realm was himself, not the cities; his Vaikunth was with Krishna all along.

Just like Krishna, life also changes moves, nothing is constant. That is why Krishna never tried to save the Yadavas, because Krishna knew, the time had finally come. Similarly the yuga also would change, a new yuga would come to eradicate the old one.

A new generation will come to mow over the older one, that is the cycle of life. There was nothing constant in the world, there was nothing to keep attached. He finally knew was going to happen next. They will rebuild Dwarka again, brick by brick. Raise the city back from the dead.

As the puzzle finally unraveled in front of him, he finally murmured the words that would be echoed by countless humans across the millennium,

"You know what that means now, don’t you?" Uddhava finally stood up, wiped his tears and handed the broken flute to Radha, "Great perils lay ahead for it is the beginning of Kalyuga."

Authors Note:

The story is based on Hamsa Gita, the song of the goose, the final chapter of Bhagwat Purana. I have taken poetic liberties to visualize the final scene in Dwapar Yuga. The Gregorian calender date for the event was 18 February 3102 BCE. The story and the setup is fictional, the message is from Bhagwat Purana.


Painting: The Story of the Goose by Deepika Kabe

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quick Bytes: Here and there

Love story

‎"You see that dead puppy there," he asked pointing to a dead puppy.
"Do you feel sorry for it?" he asked engaging her.
"Yes, I do. It is a sad sight to see."
"I don't feel it. I told you I am a psychopath. Things like apathy, love, sad or hatred do not matter to me."
"That can't be true. I have not know anyone incapable of love. Surely you must love something or someone."
"Nope, I love only myself and my thoughts, that get crazy somethings."
"There can't be any proof for that. You could be feeling sad for the puppy but not showing it."
"No I don't," he said, simply, "I did not feel anything when I killed it."


The dreaded night is here. I have been dreading this moment the whole day. It happens, night after night. Every night my soul is tortured beyond comprehension. Why me? I ask for a thousand times, why me? I stare at the coldness ceiling, at the monotonus motion of the fan. Still I get to arousal, no feeling. No emotion. Emotion, is a very complex term, I cannot understand it. I cannot deal with it, why can't I? Why can't I? As my footsteps move towards him, I get goosebumps. Will it happen again tonight? Will it happen like every night? He calls me, invites me in his embrace.

He satisfies everyone but why not me? Why do I dread going into towards him? Pin drop silence in the room as I approach him. A little creak as I sit on him disturbs the peace of the bedroom. I law down on him, silently, waiting for sleep to come. My bed comforts me but I am not able to sleep on him.

I close my eyes and it begins again, nightmares.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[Short Story] The Teachings of the Snake Mother

This story is part of my retelling of old classics. No claim is made on the authenticity of the story as this is a retelling, some creative liberty is used. Part of 'The one who stood against shiva and other stories'

Since her birth, Kadru the mother of all snakes always had a boiling rivalry with her sister Vinata, the future mother of Garudas or the eagles.
Oh how magnificent Vinata was, with her wings spread out wide, her long flights in the air. Once Vinata kept on and on about her long jump towards the sun. Oh how jealous Kadru was. Kadru made a vow that day, that one day, Vinata would be her slave.

When they both where married to the Sage Kashyap, son of Manu, she demanded 100 sons, to fulfil her vow against her sister. Vinata was still the smartest and she asked for only two, but both of them should be stronger than any son Kadru had. Thus the sisters were gifted with their boons, Kadru in her hundred sons gave birth to Shesha, who in the future will be the greatest hermit of them all and support the land on which sons of Manu will stand. Vasuki, the future king of serpents, who would save the clan of snakes from extinction and also Airavat, whose whiteness would be the measure of all things white in the world.

Vinata however waited for long time but both her eggs would not hatch. It was difficult for nature to fulfil her boon and do that soon, so both the child took time in development. Kadru laughed, laughed at the misery of her sister.

Everyday she mocked on her sister, oh how fast her kids were growing, said Kadru. Shesha could now defeat the entire mountain, she said. Vasuki could beat Indra in the game of dice. Vinata got angry and broke up one egg.

Out sprang her eldest son, Arun, who would later be the charioteer of sun and help all creatures with energy. But because he sprang too soon, his one wing was deformed. Consumed with guilt Vinata vowed she would wait for the second egg to hatch.

In the meanwhile, things were changing in the newly formed earth. The Devas and the Aruras where going head to head against each other in their battle. Finally Kadru’s son, Vasuki meddled with the two clans and offered them a respite. They would both churn the ocean and distribute the gifts that the nature has to offer. Vasuki himself offered to be used as a rope for this churning. Kadru was angry, she felt betrayed. She instantly disowned Vasuki and proclaimed that her true son was Shesha who was true to his clan.

But with the churning of the milky ocean provided her with an opportunity to enslave her sister,

“Oh Vinata,” she said one day casually, “Have you heard of Uchchaisravas? the magnificent king of horses who sprang from the milky ocean?”

“Oh sister, who hasn’t heard of him,” Vinata mentioned, “I hear his tail hair is the purest white in color, even whiter than your son Airavat….”

“No, my sister,” Kadru said, “No one is whiter than Airavat, I have heard he is of color black. Lets have a bet on it, shall we?”

Vinata smiled, she had no idea Kadru was talking seriously when she said, “If the tail of the horse is black, you will have to be my slave forever, but if it is white in color, Ill be your slave forever.”

“Oh sure,” said Vinata playfully, she will later regret this bet as Kadru would actually chain her to the ground in front of all the snakes, for a hundred years, until rescued by her elder son, Garuda.

Kadru instantly called her sons, the powerful Shesha and the magnificent Airavat. She asked them to hide in the tail of the horse so that it will appear black instead of white, “I want my sister as my slave. Go my sons, follow the teachings of your mother….”

She was in for the shock when Shesha replied, “No my mother, we won’t go and help you with your diabolical plan.”

“How dare you defy your own mother?” she asked.

“We do not defy you mother, we obey the same teachings you taught us. You taught us poisonous fangs and their use, you taught us how to hide from others. You taught us how to build the own nest, but above all these teachings,” Airavat said, “You taught us treachery."

“By planning a diabolical plot against your sister, you are defying your kin as we do ours. We are just following your teaching…” said Shesha, smirking, walked away with his siblings.

Kadru was left fuming in anger.

P.s. The story is based on the original characters from the Hindu Mythology of Snakes and eagles. The story is also true, the author has taken the liberty to fictionize the story.

Have you read my book yet?

Have you read my book yet?
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