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[Short Story] The Sleeping Beauty Story

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Apparently this land in far far away was biased towards the pretty princessess, hence you would find almost all the princess like Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel in this region.) lived slept a beautiful princess, called 'the sleeping beauty' (That was really her true name). One fine day, her sleeping pills wore off, and she suddenly woke up from her deep slumber.

There was no musical around her, no prince charming and neither was anything else (except maybe unlimited Wifi)

She rushed to check on to and found that all her friends from school days where in a relationship. A cold chill spread through her body as multiple thoughts came to her mind. Would she die alone? Would she never find her prince charming? Would she ever...

Her thoughts were cut short by a ping from Cinderella,
"Good morning sleeping beauty," Cinderella pinged, "Whats happening?"
'Whats happening' was considered one of the most worst thing one can say to another in this land in far far away. It was one of the top ten curse words one could ask someone who just woke up from deep slumber. But since people who woke up from deep slumber, like the sleeping beauty, were not aware of this rule, they fell for it.

"How did you get prince charming?" asked the sleeping beauty, worried that nothing was happening.
"Oh its simple," Cinderella told her about how she gate crashed the princes grand ball in which she was not at all invited. How she  escaped from the dance leaving the prince excited, high and dry. This hard to get attitude seemed to have worked for her. He came looking for her.

"That sounds like a plan," sleeping beauty said and decided to try it on. She picked up a gorgeous dress  that was sure to create a smashing impression on the prince. Finding the party to gate crash was easy, all she had to do was log on to PartySquare application to find where prince charming was right now.

In this land there, a prince grand ball happened everyday and a new prince charming hosted one of these to reassure himself of being charming. Every third person in this land was named Prince born in the family of Charming.

She walked into the party and everyone gaped at the eternal beauty. However, the prince was busy playing kingdom ville on his iPrince and completely ignored her charm. Upset, she decided to walk back to her chambers and sleep.

On the way she met Snow White, who was busy painting the night sky. 
"Hello there..." said the Sleeping beauty, "I see that engagement ring on your fingers. How are you?"
"I am fine," beamed Snow white flashing that ring.
She told her about the story and explained to her that the key to finding the good man is to live with Seven men and then dump them for the eight one who accepts you for what you are.

Sleeping beauty considered that idea for a while, then realized Snow White was top in the Physical Education class and also had joined weekend karate lessons, while Sleeping Beauty was only sleeping her whole life.
Living with Seven men and still staying a virgin for eighth was not her cup of tea. 

Sad that she would die alone, she walked past Rapunzels tower, who was sitting on the top most window. She immediately called her and asked her the secret to get a handsome prince. Rapunzel giggled from the tower, and send a 'Dhotiranjan Varadahastam Kesh Kala' oil, the secret behind long hair. 

Happy that finally she can do something, Sleeping beauty returned to her tower to try the new hair oil. When she returned she found the door ajar, cautiously, she stepped in, worried that she might find Seven little men in there, she found a note on her bed.

"Was here to ask you out, seems you already are engaged somewhere else. - Your Prince Charming."

P.s. Destiny will happen to you, weather you are there or no, is a matter of coincidence.


  1. LOL! She should have been on twitter and FB. Then she would not have missed her Prince Charming

  2. Wow you even made an app for your blog. :D kudos to you man!
    As far as the satire goes...bloody brilliant. Hats off!
    This is the reason I visit your blog...every time you come up with something so humorous and creative. Keep writing!

  3. lolzzz she didnt updated her status in fakebook :P
    loved your take on the princessy story :D

  4. When she was sleeping, the world was taken over by Facebook and Twitter. And Poor she did not realize the power of fakebook even after loging in after long spell of sleep ... Tsch Tsch ..

    Congo for Ovi app :)

  5. Ovi app? awesome.. will download it right away :) And the satire had me ROTFLing..


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