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    [Published Book] Sidoscope Fingerprints Volume I

    A new adventure only for the love of stories. You have been following Sidoscope for more than 6 years now. I started this site with a simple purpose- to get quality stories in Indian context. What started out as a hobby turned into something more sinister addiction to write and rewrite many familiar stories.
    On June 20 Sidoscope is turning 7 years and to celebrate this seventh anniversary we bring you something very unique. Starting June 20, Sidoscope will be publishing 7 volumes of Short stories on Amazon Kindle every month. Each volume contains 5 short stories that can be read at your leisure, they can be gifted to your loved once or they can be collected.
    These 7 volumes are part of Sidoscope Fingerprints series will be published on Amazon and are available exclusively for Kindle. Those who have not used or do not poses Kindle can be download the Kindle app from Google play or iTunes.
    What is more on the 20th of every month these books will be available for free for you to download and comment. These short stories are personally selected and each volume has a single theme. Don't miss this exclusive collection from Sidoscope, starting June 20. 
    Volume 1 is all about wars and battles.  It is about great kingdom, battles with self, battles for money, battles for power and battle for self respect. Don't miss this exclusive book at a very cheap prize on Kindle. Don't miss the 'free' promotion on 20th June.

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