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Short Story: Family blood.

They never cared about me anymore. All of them forgot me, forgot their own father. I raised 4 children in a house of two rooms, all the four live in house of five rooms each, but can't they have one corner for their old father?

I gave them everything they needed. Their school, colleges, tuitions, books everything came from my blood. They never asked me how a worker working in a furnace for 18 hours a day managed to feed those toddlers imported biscuits, they never asked me how come I walked five kilometers despite the fact that there was a bus service till the door step? But they asked me… they asked me, why am I ruining their life?

 My elder son asked me why am I troubled his wife who comes home late, when I just asked for a cup of tea. I never learned how to make tea, but my wife left me halfway and I had to depend on others for my tea.
My next daughter asked me what should did I do with all the silverware of the house belonging to her mother? When she did not learn, I had no place in her house.

My son asked me why am I spoiling his kid by giving me toffees and telling him stories? Did he forget I told him the same stuff?

My youngest son complains I did not leave anything for him, did he forget I made him an engineer on wages of a furnace worker?

They now use a ball point pen for writing, but how did they forget their father still uses the old ink pen for writing?

Well, now I have to punish them don’t I? So what I am dead, I should punish them. Before jumping from the cliff, I thought about it once, that maybe they deserve a second chance, but then why should they?
They did not feel their old father needs a chance??? Feel that the old man spent all his life for you and he needs some time of his own?

I never learned how to stand fighting for your rights. I hear there are courts for such things and many parents complaint about their kids, but I was always weak there. During my working days I only fought once in a nationwide strike and broke my own leg.
But now there is a fighting chance… now I have to punish them. I have written a letter for them, a letter I carry with me, I am sure when my body is found they will suffer.

‘I herby blame all my children for making my life miserable and if anything happens to me, they are to be blamed’

That will teach them a bitter lesson.

As a spirit now I can see them…  I have just learned that I can move through walls. I also get teleported to any location or person, I think of.

See my daughter-in-law she is still talking on the phone, I am sure with one of her sleeve-cut blouse friends. Does she even know I am missing? I do not even wish to go close to the mean woman.

See my eldest son is not even in his house, must be busy with his office. Wonder how they make their marriage work?

Let me see if my daughter knows anything about it, there she is searching something in the house. She is rummaging thought my stuff, hey that is my private stuff. So she finally found the silverware.

There goes Chotu, innocently playing with toys I gave him and his father? Must have gone out with his wife.
Where is my lowest son? What is he doing at the police station? Must have done something bad this time, Was he on drugs? Was he a thief? Or corruption? Must find out…

I can hear him from this close,
‘What do you mean, you did not find him? Listen he is my father, I want him back… take as much money as you want, but bring me some news, understand!!!’ his voice is so loud.

Oh my so he remembered me. Finally at least youngest of my boys knows what about the eldest?

There he is driving in the car… wait a minute that is not his office route, is he going somewhere?

‘I cannot see dad anywhere honey, I have looked at this part of town. Yes, I will be going some twenty blocks more. No no, opposite side of town is covered my younger brother,’ he is speaking…. to his wife?
Means she was not talking with her friend. Oh why is all this so different? This should not happen!!!

They are behaving……… nice!!!

But but… but then…no my daughter she was hunting for the silverware, yes, she is it then… or is she??

There she is… no wait…she did not touch the silverware…they are lying there…she has taken… my clothes? My cane??

Oh…she is crying…

‘I never could say sorry to him,’ she cried, ‘He provided for us all and I took up a fight with him. I am sorry dad,’ she wept.

Now I realize the horror of my mistake. They were never bad, my perception about them was bad. Oh God, what have I done? How can I ever prevent this?  After reading the letter all their thoughts for me will vanish forever… waiting something is happening… my body it is found.

There my son is crying on my dead body. I see myself all covered in blood, now mixed with the tears of my family tears.

The inspector, he is investigating my body, he will find the letter… God, please stop him.

‘Sir, we found this letter in his pocket, must be some last words,’ the inspector said.

‘What has he written?’ my son asked. No. No. No.

‘The letter is damaged beyond reading sir, the blood has covered the letter completely. It seems your father used a water soluble ink pen. The ink has vanished due to blood.’

‘We will never know what his last thoughts were…’ he rubbed a tear from his eyes and stood up, ‘Rest in peace dad, we will miss you.’

I just learned spirits also have emotions…finally my family blood saved my family from falling apart.


  1. Hey siddhu,
    I cried half-a-way!
    Yet another master-piece from you!

  2. I am bemused....did you write this after our little chat....I mean...this is no usual Sid stuff....I mean....there are no words to speak...
    :-/ this is brilliant...:-o ....

  3. @Rahul.
    Oh my this is no usual Sid stuff....I mean...:-/ this is brilliant...:-o ....

    What does this mean?? :-o

    ok i write senti stuff once in a while which adds up the spice to the funny prevent people from having diabetes. ;) :D

  4. Brilliant Stuff. The ending was simply too good. You brought out the emotions and the relations very well. The character of the old father was established very well keep in mind its a short story.

    You are growing leaps and bounds my friend :)

  5. Wow Sid! You actually wrote this?!!

    Jokes apart, this is one fantabulous short story I've read!

    Kudos to you! :)

  6. Another senti story.. You are too good at senti stuff sid.. the ending was awesome.. too good :)

  7. What I say Mister Sid...
    The Story is a great piece of Art...
    Really heart touching......

  8. @Sreya
    haila...:o You actually wrote this?...:o ~x(
    hey bhaaagu!!!!


    ya i wrote this... its about the perception of things!!!

  9. @Ashwini
    Thanks ashwini...:D good thing u like it...

  10. @√ノフムリ
    Hi i was never able to pronounce ur name...

    Welcome to sidoscope...buddy...

    you have said its certified then...:D

  11. Amazing story!! Poignant and inspirational too!
    Damn good Sid! :)

  12. @Shilpa
    Hey tx a lot...picked from Indivine did u??? I had this inspired from a true story...:D

  13. Erm... prathamesh? What does ^O^ mean? some creepy alien sign??

  14. kya sahi likha tha ye boss! tym mile toh error theek kar dena



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