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The Variations of Versatile V- day

They say February is the romantic month in the calender, conveniently it is also the shortest one. When you live in India, this is the most confusing month of all. I would say, all the calender months are confusing, but February month is the most confusing of them all. On one hand you have the ancestors who meditated for years, worshiped a giant penis, wrote the book of kamsutra, had a million affairs and on the other, you have bachelors carrying saffron flag and bamboo sticks trashing couples and burning greeting cards in protecting the ancient culture of the ancestors.

This month also brings a different mood of people.
'I hate the valentines day,' he proclaimed entering the room.
'I can understand,' I replied, quietly reading comics online.
'No, something is morally wrong with this world and its not good...' he said sitting behind me, thus disturbing my attention while reading Calvin and Hobbies.
'Anything troubling you?'
'Of-course, all the things around us man, look at the society we live in. All the boys and girls walking hand-in-hand and then doing coochie-coo in public...' he said nervously, 'They go to films together, stay overnight together and now this...'

He pointed to the newspaper article (Times of India, Mar 23, 2010), 'Living relationship has been legalized.Now boys and girls will live together, have sex and then we will be the country of illegal children.'
'If the boys and girls have no problem, I don't think, why should we have. After all they are person too and if they want to do something... who should stop them?'
'We should, people who have not lost sense over the ages,' he replied strongly, 'Our culture is rich and our heritage is beautiful, this is american culture and not good for Indians.'
'Our culture?' I began, 'Our culture? When the westerners where building pyramids in Egypt, we were building the temple of Khajurao. The God that we worship taught us stealing, cheating and flirting. The culture makes you kneel down in front of giant penis and yet, you feel this is american culture?'
'Ayiyoo...' he exclaimed, 'You are so wrong, this is not in our culture, our culture was arrange marriage, they never showed bold scenes on television for so many years.'
'...And yet we have the second largest populated country in the world.'
'..But its not right....,' he said, 'I will not let this happen..'
'What are you going to do? Go on the street protesting? Disturb the couples minding their own business in parks?'
'I am going to teach them culture... our tradition...' he protested.
I was about to argue with him about the secret sex rites of vamachara in our culture, but the prospect of another episode of Garfield was calling me.

'See,' she announced, 'I don't mind people falling in love, but they should do it in the privacy of their house...'
'They are just holding hands,' I protested, 'And its bad manners peeping into private matters of people...'
'Yes, but this is public place, I can look wherever I want....'
'...Then look everywhere other than there...' I protested.
'People should focus on important things like career, life, adventure and everything...' she said, 'They should not fall in love..'
'Were you not in love with that guy?' I suddenly remembered a startling information.
'What? Who? Me?'
'Oh yes, now I remember... you did mention having a serious crush on him...' I replied, drinking my orange juice.
'You know, I have work to do...' she walked off very gracefully.

A single day and so many views...
Those who LOVE someone will decide to use this one day to utilize this one day, just as they do for the rest 364 days.
Those who LOVE a flawed version of their culture will abandon their loved one's love and go to trash some shopkeepers and couples on the street.

Then those who LOVE the cause of the people above will register their protest against this day in their own silent stares and bad mouthing people busy in their own world.
Those who are yet to be aimed by the God of Love will simple share their LOVE of chocolates.
Somewhere in a silent house, a wife might decide to show her LOVE by cooking a candle light dinner, for no reason, just in a mood for it.
Someone like you might show LOVE for this blog, by sharing it across your loved ones.

But finally, the day is just a reminder for you keep one day aside for your loved once, a reminder to give you an ancient message. A message spread across millions of years, a message passed on through various dogmas, a message told through various stories. Love conquers all. The single emotion that separates humans from asuras, an emotion that separates humans from the nature, an emotion that makes us break the basic law of nature survival of the fitness.

For it is this single emotion that makes a human see humanity in animals, even sees humanity in God and it does not matter if you have someone to love, the fact that you can love is enough to underline your existence.

Do not pity the dead, pity the one living without love- Albus Dumbledore.

P.s. If you LOVE it, share it. 


  1. Love is overrated! Trust me! :P

    Also one correction- You've made a reference that "the giant penis" is the shiva ling. It's not, study suggests. That's a wrong notion.
    All the others are true though!
    And we need to stop being so hypocritical as a nation I guess.

  2. @Nivedita,

    First yes Awesome. :D

    About the Shiv-linga, I will say, studies are actually done by narrow minded indians who try to make sense of religion in the way they want. My belief entirely. I do not find it shameful nor bad to assume it the way it is. More on that later (my beliefs)

    We should stop being such a hypocritical is the saar of the post.

    Welcome back. :D

  3. Oye you forgot to mention about those who are yet to fall in romantic-love and how they celebrate it :P

    Lovely post :)

  4. An argument that cudn't find itself any solution and doesn't seem to in near when calculated from religious or cultural point of view loses its meaning...

  5. @Anu
    heh heh... y don't u tell how they do...;)

  6. @Amrit
    Completely agree with you, Love is purely a separate entity than religion, yet have faith the future is coming. :)


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