The Fall of Human Society

The fall of human society is defined in two ways, homelessness and terrorism. Both of them occur when the basic fabric of human society collapses.

While the former occurs with the depletion of resources for survival and the person is declared as a victim. The former makes weak attempts to get back on the feet but sooner or later dies due to some illness or hangs himself. 

The later takes the darker route and hits back at the society. The later is then termed bad/evil and has to be hanged until death, for he won't do it on his own. The fact is as long as both survive, the society cannot face because they both are victims of the society.

Because it was the human settlement who failed them, and this failure one cannot accept.

One cannot bear the fact that they have failed in forming a society. Because for most people the 'society' remains an integral part of the life and without which their life has no meaning.

We all have failed to form a sustainable society and are nothing more than a bunch of animals living in a delusion of grandeur.


  1. It's true about Human... both are victims of the society.. What can be done?

    Someone is Special


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