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55 Fiction Attempt one: Undying Love!!!!

Inspired by Shruti and Shilpa, this is my first attempt on writing a 55 fiction. No theme, just varied thoughts brought together in a 55 word story. Know more about 55-fiction here. Not sure if I used 55 words? Try the word counter.

She walked towards the bedside table and glanced at the hot cuppa coffee and a card waiting for her.
She smiled and read the card, 'To Ashwini, Lets start all over again- Love, Anup'

'Oh,' she exclaimed, sipping the coffee thinking of the dreadful deed and her bloodstained clothes...
Thud. She fell dead.

Oh well, how did I do? tell me, tell me na please...if you like it and have themed 55-fiction stuff, so inform me. I will write it.
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  1. An amazing tale, Sid!! Liked it!
    A great first attempt!! :)

  2. @Shilpa
    thanks...I m gonna write more...:D

  3. hey welcum aboard the 55 Fiction train.. bt blood, murder, death....... i'll like it if u rite a rib-tickling 55er. now thts a challenge 4 u.. um waiting :p

  4. Liked it... tad depressing though. Write a happy ending next time.

  5. @Kaddu
    kya depressing yaar..she got freed of all the did he...:D

  6. sid it was awesome...
    really great first attempt...
    great to hear that you were inspired by me!!
    explain me the last part of your story

  7. Hi Sid

    Great one.
    i cant believe its your first attempt.
    Too good yaar.


  8. @Shruti
    Ain't it simple? She sipped the coffee and dropped dead....:)
    She killed her husband and husband plotted poisoning her...that was wat I wanted to it wat happening???

  9. @Pundit
    Thanks man...this is really my first attempt!!!

  10. I like Vipul's idea. Will wait for that. I think you are very creative and can do it.

  11. That was a great one as first attempt... 55-Fiction fever seems to be catching on I see... good would like to read more :D

  12. Sid...
    can't really believ this is your first attempt!!
    man its awesome!!!
    am nowhere now...
    55 fiction is coming on its way to you!!
    cheers sid..
    keep smiling

  13. @Bharati...Vipul
    what we we Blog-a-ton on 55 fiction??? won't it b great and cool???

  14. @Vipul
    Your comment hit home, stay tuned...:D

  15. @Dhimanji
    This fever is much more better than the Swine-flu fever ain't it??? let's see if this catches faster on the complete blogsphere...:D

  16. @Shruti
    No ways it was ur inspiration that made me write u r always one step ahead of me...:D

  17. Excellent idea pal and you have good chance of winning it. I like the way you think. very creative.

  18. That's a nice idea.. writing in 55 words!! great job..

  19. @Bharathi...
    Thanks buddy...:) writing is more than winning ain't it???

  20. @Ashwini
    Go on you can write too...;)

  21. Excellent!
    Very good at a first attempt. I am surely inspired to pen down one myself.


  22. gr8 stuff dude

    even i've written some stuff at


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