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Short Story: The masterpiece

He was never Learnardo, nor was he Michalango, but he called himself a artist.

He sat on the garden selling his potraits for mere 5-10 bucks and earn his daily morsel. As the darkness krept he purchased the daily bread and three canvas sheets and went to his house in the slum. He kept a modest living, never earning more than a hundred per day.

Every time he passed the stationary shop, he used to see the brushes on display, shiny golden brushes. Broad brushes, thin brushes, fresco brushes and many varieties.

'One day, I will become a big painter and purchase all of them. Then I will draw better paintings for Gudiya,' he though today.

Gudiya was his latest and smallest customer who used to come and play in the garden, she liked his colorful paintings and always purchased everyday from him.

"Get me a joker tommorrow, friend, I want a joker," the ten year old had asked today.

He purchased only one costly canvases today, only one for his masterpiece, only one for Gudiya.

"I am falling short of red color," he thought, putting hands in his pocket and counting the cash he received.

It was not enough to buy a color.

'The painting must be made for her,' he thought, 'She deserves a better.'

The whole night he drew her a joker, as it dawned he looked at the joker and it was his masterpiece without the red color.

Smiling at his effort he took the painting to the park waiting for Gudiya.

The dawn turned to afternoon and afternoon turned into night, Gudiya did not turn up. Slowly it was night again, and sadly he turned to leave.

On the way back, he saw Gudiya's mother weeping, fearing the worse he asked her about Gudiya.

'Yesterday evening, Gudiya met with an accident on this very street, Doctor says her health is critical. She was running towards me excited about some joker.'

Collapsed on hearing the words, he walked slowly towards the darknened road, today he had no paintings to make, today he had no sketches to make.

'God, take me instead of her,' he prayed under his breath as the tear rolled down.

As he walked with his head hung low, thinking about the joker and Gudiya, he saw a distant white light coming closely towards him.

The loud sound of the horn echoed in his ears as a metal body of the truck banged against his skin. His body lay there on the street, all covered in his own blood. Just underneath his shirt was his masterpiece, now filled with crimson red color.

He had the color red for plently now, only no paintings to make.


  1. oh my god! now let me say this story was your masterpiece...and now that i have said this..i am getting all superstitious sooooooo... Take care! omg! your story had such an impact..


  2. SiD,
    this is your masterpiece i must say!!
    i was moved to tears!
    Its awesome!!


  3. @Rane
    Hey...shant ho jao...its just another brain wave ok.
    Don't get too superstitious or anything.
    And thanks for saying this is a masterpiece.

  4. but you wrote amazingly well.. :D

  5. @Shruti
    Thanks...:) if only we can say Gudiya recovers for her painting.

  6. wow.. you have given an apt title.. "Masterpiece".. seriously this is your masterpiece.. too good..

  7. @Ashwini
    Eh more stories of such sort are coming up..:D keep following...:D

  8. Ufff man. My first impression of your blog was- funny, hilarious and 'bindaas'. But this post changed things. This story can move ANYONE. Wonderfully written-Characters were established very easily and perfectly when you consider that the story is short. Thats where the magic lies. Keep it up man. Cheers.

  9. @aditya
    Yes this blog is still funny, hilarious and yes of course will always b bindass...but u c...too much sweetness causes diabetics so have to taste a chilly once in a while...right?? ;)

    Thanks...for the read..

  10. nevermind the painting, this story is a masterpiece...

  11. @Shadow
    If you saw so...:D

    more coming soon...keep following...;)

  12. Hey , I have a Beautiful blogger award for you at my site. Kindly accept it :)

  13. Hey, nice blog, full of interesting ideas! :)

    I followed you, and hope to read more!

    And thanks for following me. it's an honour! :~))

    Smiles from Sreya.

  14. @Sid

    Agreed. Be it chilly or sweet, your quintessential style matters the most ;)

  15. good one! but i came across this while i was searching for some other story named 'Master piece' It also is the story of an artist who dies just after his master piece.but in that he dies of pneumonia after he draw a vine leaf in her window pane.

    i mentioned it in detail cause i need the link to that story if you know.

    the narration is excellent even if you have drawn inspiration from the other

  16. sorry to bother you. I found it myself
    THE LAST LEAF- O'Henry

  17. I will definitely read the Last Leaf by O' Henry. Hope you enjoyed this story.


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