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Short Story: Me, Myself and The World

The moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived. This is a small step for me, but a giant leap for mankind. Today I have reached for the moon, this one level will give me a exponential leap into the future. After the relentless effort for last 25 years, I have finally completed the greatest machine of all time. A single pull of lever and the most amazing invention of humanity since fire will go online.

 I take the last pill for the day. The vitamin and calcium pills I have been talking for last five years have kept me mobile. They are created from extracts from the plant and animals. They do not create access fat in the body and simply give it enough nutrition to keep me running 25 hours a day. My own invention.

I have to do it now, if only I had an assistant or a guinea pig to test this machine, but I had found no one to match my IQ of 190. No worries, I will test it myself.

Gist of the story:

The greatest scientist in the world with the IQ of 190 builds an invention that can change the world. Can it change the world for good or bad?
A story that will change the complete paradigm of the world.

After dinner, I enter the machine and finally pull the level. Here it goes....

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Where am I? Was I successful? I look around, if I was successful, I had just traveled through a worm hole into the future. Is this the future? I don't see anything around, only debris, miles and miles of debris. Dust on the street.
Where am I?

'You are 7 secs late,' he walked towards me and I shrieked, he looked just like me, but a bit older, was that me from the future.
'Yes, I am you from the future,' he replied as if reading my mind, 'I know what you are thinking now. I was thinking the same, a few years ago.'

He walked towards me with tears in his eyes and smiled, 'Hello.'

'What happened here?' I asked.
'The world as you know it, has been destroyed,' he replied, 'Would you like to join me for dinner?'
'Dinner?' I exclaimed,'Dinner?'
'Yes, dinner, come. After this happened,  I got bored, I had nothing to do,' he replied, 'So I learned farming, growing vegetables. I also learned cooking from the websites.'
'Websites? I thought the world has ended,' I asked.
'The internet is still there, only static content left though,' he beamed, 'That is how I am learn things, I never learned. Eric Schmidt was right, internet is the thing we created that we never understood.'
'Have potato...' he offered.
'No, it will contain fat,' I replied.
'Eat it,' he replies, 'Don't be so worry wart, enjoy a little.'
'What has happened to you... I mean me,' I exclaimed.
'Life is not about chasing a dream relentlessly, but about chasing the dream while also enjoying the natures creation. Look at me, I studied, I studied, I explored and I studied. But what has led me? I spend the last forty years alone here in this debris.'

I look outside the window and see a space craft standing there.

'It is the exact copy of Apollo 11, only perfected the design, it is now, a one maned space shuttle that can go on without refilling or stop for 20 light years, took me 40 years to build it. I had decided to leave the planet and explore the universe and find some aliens,' he sipped pumpkin juice, 'But then, I learned about religion and spirituality. And I realized I needed to punish myself.'
'Oh...' I dejected at the thought of religion.
'Then I knew my time jump experiment and I decided to wait for you.' he explained, 'You now hold the very key to stop the total annihilation of humanity.'
'Me?' I spurted out the pumpkin juice on the table.
'Yes, you.' he said, coldly, 'Once you go back now, the time machine won't work. You will go nuts trying to mend it, remembering its design, replacing parts. It won't start and you will decide to use anti-matter to fuel the exhaust. The anti-matter is the key to destruction. It will be an uncontrolled chain reaction that will destroy everything in sight releasing photon ions.'
'Stop it.' He said, 'Stop yourself from making the blunder I made. That is the only way to save the planet.'
We finally parted to my time machine which stood there silently.
'I am helping you start this only once, after this it won't start.'
I entered the cubicle and waited for his signal. He was glancing at his stop watch and replied,
'Go now.'

Blink. Blink. Blink.

A soft and distant words hit my ears, 'Save the planet.'
I was back, I was successful. I was the first person to travel through time, the Neil Armstrong of time travel. They would name courses for me, they will write thesis on my experiment.

The machine that carried me to the future stood there alone. I should call the university and show them the travel. What if I travel back in time and see the big bang? Yes that would be wonderful, I should carry a camera with me this time.

I configure the machine to the time and I press the lever.

Blink. Blink. Bluss. Nothing.

Oh damm, the machine has failed. I should start it before showing it to the university. What has gone wrong? Oh no, I should start it at any cost...


P.s. Should it continue?
P.p.s I have added the gist box to the post for those who want to know the gist of the post before reading it. Did you like it?


  1. There are people in this world who go about demanding to be killed.... says your quote from the comment box. I think it applies to the protagonist of your story. If I met him and knew of his intent, I would oblige him

  2. Aha! So ego has landed! All the IQ in the world cannot match up to a teaspoon of commonsense, eh?


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