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Reserve that Place for me Please

The day begin just like any other, the coffee maker hooted making strange noise proving its existence. I turned up the morning edition of news, to check if any scandal is on today just like always. Witnesses the poetic irony of Japan I felt sad as well as a little nice, we are finally learning we cannot control things. Japan will be a reminder to entire mankind that we cannot control things beyond a certain level, what ensures is total chaos.

Just as always, when I was thinking about chaos, a chaos was heard on the stairs. No wonder the torpedo hit me not physically but mentally as he entered my room.

'This is bullshit,' he said, wasting entire energy on a certain word directly crashed in front of me.
'Coffee?' I politely offered him some.
'Didn't you listen?' he asked, not understanding my gesture that I don't care, 'They now are reserving some places for the Jats too.'

'Congratulations,' I replied turning back to my coffee. The aroma was intoxicating.
'This is totally unfair,' he shouted, 'We should get reservation too...'
Understanding that the discussion was unavoidable I had to answer him, 'I don't think it is unfair, it is fair to the core. The people are backward, dumb and un-progressed they do need reservation.'
'So do my people... we are also backward, dumb... wait what?' he looked at me, finally realizing the hit, 'How dare you call us dumb?'
'I am not calling you dumb, you yourself are calling it aren't you?' I asked sipping the coffee.
'No I am not,' he replied, 'All I am saying is I should get reservation otherwise the people in my community cannot study higher education,' he said.
'So in short, people in your community are so dumb they need reserved seats for them in higher studies,' I emphasized my understand.
'Don't you dare speak so about my community, we have doctors and engineers in our community...' he argued.
'Then, you people are forward and do not need a reservation...' he said.
'No...but...' he froze for a moment and I finally saw a silver lining in the distant, finally I can enjoy my coffee, 'But you people tormented us for 2000 years.'
'No we didn't,' I replied, 'No one tormented you for 2000 years. The people who were tormented are dead and so are the people who tormented them. If we are talking a revenge for the people who lived by, you owe me a hundred thousands.'
'What?' he asked.
'Your great grandfather was my great grand fathers slave as you are saying, he has been absconding since many years from his service. In your own logic if I apply modern laws to ancient things... you are liable to pay me for the services he or his kin missed.'
'You kidding right?' he asked.
'Do I look like I am kidding?' I asked politely waiting for him to remove the cheque book.
'You are a beep beep...' he said loudly and stormed out of the room.
I simply took in the deep aroma of the beautiful coffee in my hand.

Uncertainty is on the rise, as uncertain as I was to choose weather brown socks or black socks will suit better on maroon trousers, he stepped in asking which political side I choose.

'IPL cannot happen without Modi,' he announced without bothering to ask if I am interested in his talk or no.
'IPL is a game right? Who cares about Modi?' I replied, obviously proving my lack of knowledge for the gentlemen game played in the same model as selling gigolos in Chandni Bar.
'You hate him don't you? You hate congress too for what they are doing to the country?' he asked.
'What was the good thing they did in the last few years, apart from maybe bigger, better and sophisticated scams. Not to mention robbing the world on international level?'
'Kalmadi is not a fraud OK, he is framed. You and your BJP will never understand...'
'But who said I support BJP?' I asked, confused.
'Then who do you support?' he asked, 'I know you do not support the Congress...'
'Why should I support either of the two?' I asked.
'Well... you should have a opinion,' he looked at me.
'In a country of 400 million I get to choose only 2 views? Isn't that a bit sad?' I asked, 'And seriously why do I care who comes in power? It is just by choosing between the two evil I have to do right?'
'No wonder people call you crazy...' he replied, 'We are a democratic country and you should choose one of them.'
'Lets say for a while, I admire Narendra Modi, does not mean every person he supports or rejects automatically becomes my enemy or friend does it? It is simply like I like vanilla ice cream, which goes in nicely with chocolate sauce, but does that mean I should have chocolate sauce on it?'
'You are a strange person,' you know that, he replied, finally leaving me in peace.

I simply resumed writing my blog, which was lying dormant for a while. Simply said, the world is as confused as I am about choosing the brown or black socks on the maroon trousers.

True story.


  1. Do you vote? :P

    nice article :)

  2. hehehe you do have an interesting set of people around you :P
    I haven't voted yet... and even if i have to... i dnt hv a choice...

  3. do you have any 'reservation' for comments on the blog?

  4. :)
    Politically sensitive issues brought up in a cunning and humorous way!!
    the best way to deal with them for a while.


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