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The strange law of Normality

India is a democratic country. Many years ago, on November 26 1949, a bunch of people wrote a document containing 395 articles in 22 parts for a total of 117,369 words to normalize, classify and control a region of 400 billion people. Anything beyond the ordinary was squashed and dumped in the asylum and electrocuted.

When you are born you automatically get the citizenship of the country. You have no choice in it. Then people like me who are not born normal have to wear the mask of normality. Smile at the people who in a 'normal' world would be at the other end of the shotgun. Try to mix with people who usually have a flawed sense of noramilty, who will obey the law like an obidient dog even if their life is shunned and destroyed by it.

Some people will argue that obeying the law is common sense. Its not a compulsory thing but a moral thing, obviously. If 400 million people follow the similar guidelines, natural order follows, everything happens as it should. There are no surprises, no accidents and no trouble at all. Well, obviously if WE all decide to follow rules that is.

The problem is with the laws for 400 million people, all the good things in life are banned, publishable or illegal. Actually thats how laws are made, they enlist all good things and ban them. True story.

The thing about shortcuts is, they help you reach your destination in a quicker time than long distance, obviously the government cannot allow that, so they make those shortcuts into a one-way street. I was quietly trying to reach my girlfriend on time by taking a shortcut (read: wrong way) when a traffic cop caught me.

"Where are you heading too?" he asked, removing my bike keys without even asking. If there was no uniform he would get a big kick, he did not know that.
There was another one standing besides with mouth full of red pan spit. He came closer like a hungry rabid dog towards me.
"License..." he said.
Now with no bike keys and two people in uniform what could I do? Obviously from my size, they both would be pinned down in no second, however they may have been trained by the government, I was a wrestler. But I am a pacifist and I silently said,
"Sorry I came from wrong way, how much is the fine?"

"Don't argue, show license..." he said.

"Is this arguing?" I asked, determined to show them what arguing is, "I simply asked what is the fine amount, I am paying. I am in a hurry and have to time to waste on this."

"It seems you have a lot of money," the traffic cop said. I was about to tell him that my salary is less than the black money they receive in a month and I pay taxes over it, "Give 100 rs."
Now, when he asked for 100 rs. it was understood that it was as a bribe and there would be no receipt.

"No, I don't have any money. I have fifty rupees in my pocket that I am going to spend on the lunch because I am hungry. But I have broken the law and will give you that." I simply said.
"No, the fine is 100 rs." he said.

"I do not have 100 rs. You can check my wallet, don't rob the poor more." this was a bluff, for my wallet had more than 100 but I would not give him.
"Where do you work?" he asked.

"I work in a workshop lifting heavy things and I get this old motorcycle and 100 rs per day." I simply replied.
"Ok give me fifty..." he said and handed me my keys.
I gave him fifty rupees then started again,

"You do know you have committed a bigger crime than me?" I asked, "I simply broke the law by entering in a one-way street, you on the other hand have broken a bigger law by talking a bribe."

"Don't argue," he said, spitting the pan on the street, "Get lost from here or I'll arrest you."
People were circling around us, I quickly put my bike keys in the pocket and replied.

"Think about it sir," I said, "I simply broke a law and so did you. I paid the last fifty rupees from my pocket as a fine to you but you on breaking the law gained fifty rupees. Isn't it sad? if the people who protect the poor start acting this way where should we go?'
He stared at me for a long time, "I say go from here."

"I do not work in a workshop, I am a law student. We are told that cops are the protectors of law while you here are protecting one law breaking another, isn't it wrong?"
"Take your fifty rupees and get lost from here," said the irritated cop.

I took it and simply drove away from there. I felt proud that day, for it was me who broke the rule and it was me to gained from it, no one else.

This is a one-off incident do not try this at home unless you can flex your chest upto five inches and can scare the shit of people by just staring at them. A aviator goggle helps to create aura.

Just to be clear, I don't really care about how corrupt the cops are. If the government told me to stand whole day on the street with all the pollution around and in hot sun, wearing a shitty colored uniform, I will ask for more than hundred bucks, hell, i'll make every person who drives by me, life as hell. It is just that if someone has to die, I make sure its not me. Also I am not a law student, I have a soul, yet.

True story.


  1. I think your blog can effect impressionable minds, there has to be a huge disclaimer before you write these blogs....and btw i had a similar experience...thanks to your post I am going to recreate it on my blog....

  2. In the first paragraph, u have posted it as 400 billion instead of 400 million people. The blog is nicely written and very impressive that u had guts to stand off with those pathetic so called "protectors". Cheers...

  3. The content is very well written with gud sense of humour. I just wanted to make a small notification just as a friend, in the first paragraph it is noted as 400 billion instead of 400 million, I guess...Its really impressive that u had the guts to stand off with the so called pathetic "protectors"..Cheers...

  4. @Shahid
    I do try to write that way, glad its working

  5. @funny guy
    the 400 billion is just an expression re and not an exact figure.thanks :-D

  6. interesting story, yes traffic rules ...the public should get the awareness & feeling that they should follow them, breaking by mistake unknowingly is acceptable, in india many things run under the bottom line "india mein sab chalta hai" in fact life itself just chalta hai randomly somehow breaking law is no big deal, getting caught is what matters....

  7. @Sunil
    Yeah well... no one wants to admit the mistake, who cares as they say... be rough with the rough neckers...:D


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