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[Funny Story] The Sleeping Beauty Story

There she was single, happy and fine in her simple house in a simple city away from the worrying of the traditional family values. She ran away from Haryana, from the horrible traditional join family to explore the world. Half way through she realized she didn’t have money to even reach Nizamuddin station of new Delhi, but that would not stop her. She hitched rides, took lifts and scrambled on the streets on Mumbai with only a torn sleeve, only that got caught in a nail on the way.

Mumbai, the city of freedom, she thought, away from the house, away from the family. The family had only one ambition, marry her off to some ‘mucchad’ (man with mustache) and expect her to chose in 10 minutes. But she choose freedom and flew to mumbai to pursue the dream to become a fashion designer.

3 years and she established herself in the city, bickering over phone with her mother on freedom and marriage and what not. The bickering continued until one day I slammed the phone on my parents forever.
It was a year after that one day, all the sudden, the door bell rang and with it entered her mom in her house.
Half expecting a big lecture on how marriage is important for a girl in the wretched country, she gave a wide fake smile but…

“You were right, kiddo…” her mom said, “Marriage serves us woman no good.”


“It is a bad idea to marry a man,” she said, “You father, that #%#$%@@, treated me like his slave, making food so many people, cleaning the house and all…”

Is this some kind of trick? She thought still unbelieving her mom.

“W…w…water?” she managed to mumble, clearly she was asking more than water.

“I have finally given divorce to your father… 30 years of my life I have wasted for no good reason.”
The whole world came crashing in front of her, should she be happy that her mom has understood her point, or should she be sad that mom has understood something more. The realization brought with it another question,

‘What will you do now?’ she asked.

‘What now… I am still young you know, 50 is the new 30, I always wanted to see the house of Shahrukh Khan, will go there tomorrow. I have told firmly to your dad that Ill be staying with you until I win the house in court case. Don’t you worry, will you… we will live like room-mates,” her mom said, not realizing the conversation was getting awkward at every word.

‘But…’ no words came out of her mouth further.

‘Don’t worry beta,’ her mom smiled, ‘I know about all the boys and stuff, don’t worry. Tell me when one comes around ill take a walk around the market for two hours…’

‘Holy….fish…’ she exclaimed, ‘No no… not that…’ It was weirder her mom allowing her all the things, but she was more scared will it be other way around.

As her mom settled down in her house, she realized she has slammed shut the doors to the freedom. However freedom her mom may say, it was still weirder mom not talking active interest in her daily life. More so, waving her good bye for late night movies with her boyfriend.

That was the last time, she slept peacefully in the house. Her colleagues saw her sleeping with her head hung low on the site of their events, silently sobbing for the weirdly missing the freedom in her own house. Didn’t she ask the same from God? She never realized it would come to such weird proportions.

When life stands to explain itself, what is fun in there?


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