Naked and hungry patriotic people are popular in India!!!

Gone are the days when people (read: some model no one knew about) used to take a vow of stripping down to bare basics for the sake of the country. Now a new air of patriotism has hit the market, going on fast till your demands are met.

People under the delusion that in a country of 30% people sleeping hungry at night actually care about their determination. Obviously media needs fodder and a godman, abandoning his daily fruits and milk for the greater good of the nation, is fulfilling their need.

Obviously this is not as powerful news as a godman in a sex scandal or godman in a murder case (Godmen do come in news for all wrong reasons no?) but it's ok. Its not always that a celebrity buys a ak 47 no? Such things happen once a bluemoon, so anyways the news is hot
a godman flew, yup flew, in a copter to Delhi to sit on a fast for.... Err... What is he fasting for?

Anyways, coming back to stripping for patriotism, I figured it would be more effective for at least we would be exposing someone.. Err... Something. Its not that I care for the good of the country, its just that, when people fly to a place in private jet and I have to ride my bike in freaking rain and no one is stripping in public, I tend to rant. I even tried fasting in my house, announcing that I won't eat until my demands are met, I even sat down and started preparing excel sheet for my demands but rejoiced and brought Chinese food for dinner... Aww man, my fast lasted for exact 13 mins (not proud, but then I saw having Chinese food was in my list of demands, which was cool wasn't it?) So what are you fasting for today?


  1. LOL, Why did this article ended so soon?? Samay ki kami??


  2. yar comments moderate kyon karta hai? O-o

  3. ROFL... same in case with me also....

    my family tend to complete my demands but PARTIALLY.. :-/

    need a revolt 'Humari maange poori karo(!)' ;)


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