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Black And White

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a- Ton 24; the Twenty-Fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for this month is BLACK AND WHITE.
He was called the Rook, his real name long forgotten in the dunes of time. He kept asking since childhood, Why me? No one had the answer. No one cared to answer him.
Any normal person would be scared to walk the blackest corridor at the odd hour of the night but he had no fear. He kept asking since childhood, Why me? No one had the answer. No one dared to answer him.

The sudden light from the vehicle could blind any normal person, but he kept walking.Why me? He asked everyone till his voice hurt, no one had an answer for him no one except,
"Rumi... Father Rumi," his cold rough voice echoed in the darkness.
"Who is it?" Rumi could not see him in dark, "Come forward."

"I have come, Rumi, come back to see you..." he said, "Do you recognize me, Rumi?"
"Holy..." Rumi exclaimed, "What devilry is this? Is that you rook? But I thought...." Rumi collapsed on the stairs as if he had seen a ghost, indeed he had.
"Tell me where is he Rumi?" asked the Rook, "I have to find him..."

His childhood was burned by the chemical reaction that his eyes were exposed to. The little child working in the lab of a mad scientist, had no escape. He was used as guinea pig and as a lab rat for countless drug trials. He was paraded like a object in front of all the clients. His eyes turned sore till they bled of shame and fear, until there was no color left in his eyes anymore. All he could see was black and white.

The science was gripping, right from the unexplained drug trials to advance bio-weaponry. The lab was funded by some shady revolutionaries and extremist around the world.

Rumi fumbled on the stairs for a while and turned on the mobile torch towards the voice, "Hera...." he exclaimed, "What has happened to you?"
"Something which he will like..." exclaimed the rook, "Where is he?"
"They left you for the dead, my son, nothing I could do, I was helpless..." Rumi said.
"Its ok, father," The rook said, "Just tell me where he is..."

"What is this noise?" a stern voice from inside disturbed their conversation. A thin bald man stepped outside in the dark, "Who are you talking to Rumi?"
"He is talking to me, master..." the Rook exclaimed.
"You... you... you are alive?" asked the mad scientist, "But thats impossible, you died in that experiment... you died of chemical poisoning..."
"Yes indeed I did," smiled the rook as he stepped out in the light, "This is how I look nowadays..."

The mad scientist stomach clenched at the sight. The skin of the rook was pale white in color and his hair was long and jet black in color. "This is the color of the dead, master..." he smiled with a darkened grin, "But you know I did not die that day. I was resurrected to be free. I kept asking since childhood, Why me? Why did you enslave me for your mad experiments and no one answered. Finally, I found someone who did answer me and a better answer. Your experiments gave me something that no human has ever found, your experiments gave me freedom. Freedom from everything that chains human, it gave me freedom from life, freedom from death and it gave me the freedom from the biggest prison of all time, freedom from time. I have become immortal, thanks to you, master."

"You... you succeed...." asked the scientist, "Let me examine you... the experiment was success, I created an immortality serum..."
"No you didn't, I did," the rook smiled, "I perfected your chemicals and finished your experiment myself. I may look like a black and white ugly monster but I am not like you. I can take my revenge on you anytime I want now but I won't. I will let you suffer the pain of old age and I will visit you again to remind you what you have lost. Enjoy your colorful life, master, while I enjoy my black and white..."

Life is not always about good and evil. About black and white, for most part it is ruled by the one that is gray. He vanished into thin air to travel back in time to ask the question he always wanted an answer for, why me?

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  1. The premise is good,I would have love to see some rephrasing in the verses though.This short story has all the trappings of nice big novel - given it a thought ?

  2. Nice sci-fi we have here.. I do agree.. a longer preamble would be perfect for this story!

  3. I had a feeling it would be a sci fi, i liked how to build the story and felt it was a good read, ever since I read your Samsung tab fining post I have had an awe for your writings, good job Sid.

  4. Interesting concept. Your stories always have an exotic air to them.

  5. This would serve as a good prologue. I do hope to see the rest at a later stage. All the best for BAT.

  6. dark story indeed ...i enjoyed reading it ,....cheers..

    rajathecritic - BLACK AND WHITE


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