But you are an Indian...

Hen:"You don't eat with your hands?"
Me: "No..." getting busy with my food using spoon and fork.
Hen: "But you are an Indian, why don't you eat with your hands?"
Me: "What?"
Hen: "Oh c'mon its obvious, I know you Indians eat food with your own hands chicken curry tikka masala."

Moral of the story: Saying some random looking words with curry in middle does not refer to any delicacy prepared in India.

Another one.

Hen: "Followed the match last night?"
Me: "No."
Hen: "You kidding? It was India vs Pakistan. What sort of Indian are you?"
Me: "I did not know watching India vs Pakistan cricket match was one of the nationality criteria."

Moral: I have better things to do.

And the cherry.

Hen: "You stole my job..."
Me: "Excuse me?"
Hen: "You Indian steal our jobs to your country."
Me: "I simply am doing my job, just as you. The only person who 'stole' your job was your employeer."

Moral: Seriously?

The above three incidents are true and have happened recently. Hen is a gender neutral pronoun and all the three are from three different countries. Just another exciting weekend.


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