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Limericks Poem: the little genius

Once upon a time in a land far far away,
was a village where twins Chinki and Minki used to play.
Chinki was smart, Chinki studied well.
Minki was brave, and Minki learned well.
Chinki is a genius her father used to say.

One day dacoits raided the village and tried to run with the loot.
They removed the guns and started to shoot.
The villages froze and started to shiver.
Cattles afraid, ran to the river.
But Minki acted smart and the dacoits had to scoot.

One day there was drought in the village,
dry spell destroyed the crops and foliage.
Chinki stood there watching like a fool.
Minki implemented irrigation as taught in school.
Thus she saved the day and her created a fresh tillage.

But at the year end her father scolded Minki and gifted Chinki a dress,
and why did he do that can you guess?
For Chinki came first in class.
while Minki managed to just pass.
He loved to see the paper and not the success.

P.s. I know its a bad attempt, but still a attempt. Tell me honestly what do you think.


  1. whatever it is ,its true! isnt it?
    at the end of the day parents want to see your f***ing report card? and not how well u did otherwise? hmm..gone thru it!! anyway not a bad attempt at all!!!


  2. @Neha
    Yup... the education system has failed completely, grownups have lied to the world...

    Thanks for support..:D

    I tried to write limericks...:D

  3. how are youuuuuuuu? long time.. :) am back yes and i missed my poems too.. how have you been..this place looks different.. and hey nice fun stuff i got to read when i stopped by a couple of minutes ago..shall come back for more.. :) and yup! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. I agree with Neha, at the end of the day for the years you are a student, your grades determine your level of intelligence and being a success or failure in life.

    It is a different kind of a poetic tale, but definitely a good attempt.

    Keep up the good work Sid. I am enjoying the vast variety of articles you';ve been writing lately.


  5. You can try your skills in the ad world my friend. Success will kiss your feet.

    P.S. - I felt like using some Siddhuism after reading your poem. Just wanted to say, it was good. Carry on.

  6. :) It was a good attempt. Kind of cute too. Limerick's form is also very strictly followed and message is brought out nicely.Applause for that. I am very bad in writing poems with rules,so I guess it gives you thumbs up from my side.

  7. @Rane
    welcome back to the other side of the world...;)

    Sure thing dear...take your time...:D see you soon...:D

  8. @Chatterbox
    Thats the saddened education system we have. This little poem was written in form of Limericks, each para has one limerick.:)

    The thing is, I wrote this after I talked with a girl who is under depression as her dad wants her to join software company...sad tale.

    I always try to deliver variety...:D thats my rule number 1.

  9. @Pramathesh
    I was working in a ad agency bro... that is my option after 30..let me hope it happens.

    Btw... how did u know about siddhuism??? its my blog of poems... did u explore my past?

  10. it was a good attempt. and you are right in this world only marks is what matters and nothing else. sad we live in such world

  11. Hey Sid..

    This is a great post..n a great attempt..

    The best part is the message that it highlights..Grades, Marks, Scores have become the parameters of measuring success..

    This post definitely left me to where we are heading by trying to compete in this rate race of achieving numbers n grades.

    Great Job!!


  12. well attempted and executed :)
    nice one buddy!

  13. Well, the Ossum God told me about it. :)

  14. @Shilpa
    hey those are some nice inspiring words... thanks...:)

  15. @Pooja
    It is sad that we created this world this way... and its time we change it...:D

  16. Believe me it's an ossum (as u spell it :P) attempt...
    I simply can agree to it..
    cos ter still r parents who do so...
    and I've always found children who're book worms they fail when life challenges them..

    ossum ossum!! :D

  17. @Pramathesh
    That sounds really creepy!!! :D

  18. @Priya
    well thanks for that....:D

    and yes it is sad that our society is build on such weak is difficult to raise normal people...:)

  19. hey sid... it doesnt look like your first attempt yaa.. I mean its just too good... well it could have been better but since I know that I can never write like this, I know its amazing.. really...

  20. and yeah, it really is true... it does its kinda true limmerick...

  21. @Chanz
    Wow thats real motivating, trust me its my first attempt. :)

  22. It was nice! :) Just could've got a little more structure, but really well put across! :)

  23. Then you watch me do it..

    "Hats off".. (with a bow)

  24. Hey!
    First time in your blog!
    This one was pleasure to read!
    Keep writing!You have a pleasant blog template too :)
    Take care.

  25. You 'Ve been Tagged..please collect it from my blog...


  26. Sid, what's the secret?? You have been dishing out such amazingly creative and different posts now-a-days!!
    Damn Impressive!! :)
    Keep up the great work! :)

  27. Hey,you don't have the thumbs up smiley :( :) great attempt!ME LIKE!

  28. @Niveditha
    there it is a great and honest comment...thanks... i wrote this in 5 min...:D

  29. @Chanz
    And I return the bow...m(_ _)m

  30. @ShivArchana
    Well...dear, welcome to Sidoscope...hope you enjoy your stay...:D

    You couldn't come at the better just saw my first limerick...:D keep following...:D

  31. @Dev
    Thanks for the tag bro...gracious!!!

    I have already done the one...:D

  32. @Shilpa
    I am just a entertainer dear... I tot instead of boring you people with same same humor... I will give some variety...:D

  33. @Theschmuck
    mee like... that you like...:D

  34. It's really good, man. Didn't feel like a poem though, but the message was ossum. :)

  35. @Karthik
    Thanks buddy...I tried...:D

  36. Khoop the end, what matters is your marks :(

  37. Good try with a message attached to it. Enjoyed reading it. Your new template is good.

    There is one error in the header. It should have been "There is a funny story in everything", i mean the " ^ " sign should have been after "There is a" rather than before 'a' i guess or is it a deliberate mistake.


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