[Short Story] Winds of Change

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There are moments that come in time-traveller's life when he has to look over his entire existence and asks himself - Is this it? Is this the moment when you determine if you are in the right time-stream?

Look, those who do not know time-travel, here are the basics- in space we can travel. We can go from point A to point B in private vehicles, public transport or even just walking. It's easy, you learn it when you are 3 or 4 years. The first time you crawled from the end of the room to the arms of your parent you feel, this is it , this is your biggest achievement. But then in the next few years, your parent take you to a garden and then you think... woah, can I run from one end to another? Sure you can, you try that and you feel good about it. You try to tumble, you try to crawl, you know different ways of travelling in space.
Everyone learns to travel in time when they are born. All you have to do is sit in one place and time will go on. You will travel forward without any effort. Ask that to a man shot in his guts and waiting for death. The twenty seconds of his existence shows him the value of time moving forward. Or ask any marathon runner the significance of a second, that had made the difference. So time-travel forward is easy. The tricky part is going backward.
Can you sit in one place and time reverses itself? That is what I was thinking for a while, almost my entire life. The thing I forgot was, time does not stop for a time-traveller to think about time-travel. Let me give you few seconds to read that sentence again. So, when I was thinking about reversing time, it was moving ahead without bothering about my experiments.
Thus, when I actually completed the maths for the first time jump, I was eighty years old. Too old to attempt a time-jump. With a weak heart and a high-blood sugar, I feared going to the local supermarket, let alone going back in time. So the problem I had to solve was, how can I go back in time when I was still young. I know the solution - you don't get an IQ of 180 to not know a solution of any problem.
The solution is this- I go back in time when I first started thinking about time-travel and give myself the secret of time-travel. Take another few seconds to re-read that sentence. So here is where we are today. The plan was simple, I go back in time and I give myself the secret to go back in time. Wait, let me read that again. Yes, that is right.
The issue is, what with a weak heart and my blood sugar, it will be difficult for me to return back alive. So here is where I keep this note for whoever stumbles upon my lab. I will always be the first time-traveller in the world.
- Inspector Khan re-read the note twice. He still couldn't make sense, who was the person burnt to crisp in front of him? A strong gust of wind blew the letter from his hand and he chased outside to catch it. Behind him the body burnt to crisp had vanished. He couldn't understand why was he revisiting a man who died two years ago in a gun violence? He left the place making a mental note to get himself checked.
The note was another secret buried in time, never to be found again.

Picture Courtesy: AJ Montpetit ~ Stocksnap.io
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  1. Oh yeah. Lots of secrets here. The secret to time travel, the secret of the man, and the secret of the yet-to-be-checked-out Inspector! :D

    1. That was the plan. Its like inception of secrets... ;)

  2. Clean bold ...
    Count my vote ... more for the time than the secret !

  3. This time traveling man is like a Ghost...he leaves his traces even after he has gone.

    When i was planning an entry for BAT - 56- I wanted to write something like this...a post with many secrets within it...Hats off to you! U managed it too well...

    1. Thank you Vyoma, writing a post about secret requires a jump in time ;)

  4. Okay, the dead man was crisp burnt.. and so is your writing.. witty as usual :)

    The thing I forgot was, time does not stop for a time-traveller to think about time-travel ....yea, that was nice :)
    All the best for BATOM :)

    1. Thank you Megha, glad you like it. All the best to you too

    2. Thanks..hey btw you need to change your participation count

    3. Yeah am also wondering, I guess my participation count is 01?

  5. Wow!
    I was wandering in the story until the last para. And then the pieces combined for me. I really like this post. :)

    1. Glad you could enjoy it. The last para has made the difference.

  6. intelligent story, layer of secrets makes it intriguing and interesting

    My BAT56 entry A Secret Revealed

  7. A lot of questions arising at the end, that I re-read it again. Brilliant writing Siddhesh!
    ATB for BAT56!


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