Monday, July 25, 2011

The many layers of stupidity

In general, the human race is entirely stupid, that much is clear since the beginning. Obviously, we believed in the fact that God has Human traits and we are given a clean chit to drill holes in the land we live in to burn the dark liquid that comes out for a fruitless efforts in going places in less time. For some reason, covering distance is important for us. Anyways, the point being, Human race is stupid, as a offspring of this race I do not pride myself of the stupidity of my ancestors but scientifically document the layers of stupidity of the human race in hope that someday there will be an alien invasion to remove us all of misery or worst, finally God will decide to step down to talk to those idiots who believed it was ok to steal a bike and confession for forgiveness. During that time, my catalogue of Human stupidity also refereed to as blog can be a book of judgement on which we kill people.
Anyways, that's just a dream.

Coming back to human stupidity. if there is something that can outrun the stupidity of the entire human race it is in form of the Government. As Heath Ledger rightly said in his legendary character the Joker, 'Little people trying to control their little world.'

Once upon a time a few jobless people came together and saw the prosperity around them. They were sad, because generally talented people around them were happy. So they decided to tell the people how generally their talents are at risk and there are robbers lurking around. The talented people got scared and asked for the solution. The jobless people simply smiled, 'You don't worry, Oh talented people, just give us our cut from your happy lives and we will protect you from all your fears.'

This was the true story of the worlds first Government. Although not exactly a true story, but you can call it a true story in some parallel universe.

So just heard the news Indian government is at it again (although I could not confirm it) after the release of film 'Singham', allegedly, file sharing files like megaupload, rapidshare have been blocked. Although the though is really nice and creepy the move is entirely stupid and pointless. Its like closing the tap water to prevent the flooding of the river. I have already been very vocal against downloading pirated films but putting a blanket ban on sites is something very very stupid move. A person who wants to access these sites can very well do it using a proxy server (in which case IP is also not traceable) also one of the biggest flaw in this judgement is, these sites do NOT provide pirated films. No one is going to download a 3 hour film over http, a 3 year old kid is aware of it, but not the government. So essentially I find this order stupid, yet the John Doe order on the Movie Shingham may be a bit valid, only time can tell.

There was also a case in the court some dude put on the movie Delhi Belly, just when we thought censor board has finally got some sense, some person in Lucknow sent a legal notice over the use of abusive words 2 weeks AFTER the film was released. The premise in the law suit given is that the abusive dialogues are indecent, immoral... however no one is sending a legal notice to entire state of New Delhi where abusing is just a way of conversation.

My friend was telling me, 'You know it was much better in older days, when the wives were kept under your thumb and the male was on top of them. Look at my village where woman do not even take the husbands name in their mouth.'
'Well I don't see why it is such a big problem....' I replied carefully chewing the nibbles of rice, 'You get a chance to live your life, its only fair she gets it too...'
'You don't know, you won't understand, you are not married yet,' he came back, nowadays this word is coming up too often, as if not being married is some sort of crime as well as a moral lesson in life, 'Woman if given freedom will start eating off your hands. They should be kept under the thumb... it was much better in olden days...'
'But if that is the case and you feel it such a big problem.... why did you marry in first place?' I asked simply.
My hypothesis was if the man was having so much problem in giving the woman her freedom, why bother marrying one in first place. Simple, stay single.
'Haan as if that's an option....,' he said as if I said something that will cause the world to end next day. That time I realize the biggest problem, in India, you have no option of NOT marrying. The ambition of an average Indian is to produce babies, yet China dominates us in world population... there also we could not succeed. If a man dominates its fine, if a woman dominates she is labeled as a.... let me refrain from use of bad words. Well, as I always say there is no cure for stupidity now.... is there?

There is no limit for people who try to poke their nose in others affairs or people who validate their existence by ruining the life of others or even their children for the better good, or those people who still believe in religion and the promised land and of-course there is no cure for them, but I sincerely believe publicly flogging one or two can actually be an incentive for others to act less stupid.

My father always told me wise words, stupid people are there in abundance in this world by son, simply don't do that. Instead learn to Shepard them because there is always a job opportunity got the Shepard than the stupid.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Mirage of Information Control

The problem with having an open mind is every person with a opinion feels it is his mandatory duty to come and put up a sign board in your mind of his ideologies. There are those who feel it it their birth right to tell me how wrong am I to say that Kasab deserves a free trial or how wrong am I to stop at a traffic signal at the dead of the night.

Whatever the ideologies, I simply smile at them and put my hand on their shoulder. Its as simple as that.

With the recent sad event of bomb blast in the city, people had a general opinion about one common thing. Some people said, it was Kasab birthday. Some said, the Government should start doing something for the state and to begin with Kasab. There were many, many forwards the social network took on the name as if Kasab was the epicenter of all the terror activities in the world.

With the news storming around and the confusion about Kasab birthday, there was another little news let out by a high prolific leader he claimed RSS can have a role in the bomb blast and a possibility cannot be denied.

The news reports of these people actually are very similar to those of Ku Klax Klan. The story of Ku Klax Klan is as follows,. Ku Klax Klan was formed after the end of Civil war by former six confederate soldiers in Pulaski, Tennesse.

They began with harmless midnight pranks, like riding horses through the countryside and troubling people. Then slowly it evolved into a multistage terrorist organization designed to frighten and kill slaves. In 1872 a pledge of the true aims of the Klan was spelled out, "By force and terror, to prevent all political action not in accord with the views of the members, to deprive colored citizens of the right to bear arms and of the right to free ballot, to suppress the schools in which colored children were taught."

In a stark irony, the Klan when almost dormant soon after the pledge echoed until 1915, it was revived of its sleep. In 1920, it has 8 million active members.  At the onset of World War II and the rise of Hitler, public opinion against Klan turned completely negative and the message of separatism was prominent in their works. The already struggling Klan went out of existence. 30 years later a 300-foot white cross was burned on the stone mountain. It was a clear message to colored citizens that the war ain't over.

Stentson Kennedy was a folklorist who traveled to distant villages and collected folk stories. One trip led him to exposure of a work of the Klan in the distant village and he realize, there was no enough evidence against them. The Klan worked their game by keeping the secrets close to their heart. They distilled fear through control of information, similar to what the modern politicians do. He decided to 'expose' klan of their activities and set out to collect the information.

However one thing neither he knew, nor the researchers back then, that by the time in the mid-1940s Stentson Kennedy was trying to bust up the Klan, it really didn't need to do any violence. Most colored citizens were already under the threat of the Klan and they simply obliged. The Klan that was actually exposed was a sadist fraternity of men, who just needed a place to vent and an excuse for occasionally staying out all night. Thus the Klan was nothing but a mirage of Information.

When we look at the current news at RSS, I am of personal opinion that the same history is being reported. The top congress brass with his exposure about some sorry old men, who are indulging in politics and few young men who actually need a purpose in life. RSS had their days of glory, yes I do agree. The bloody history of RSS is known to all, but that was before independence, the new RSS part 2 is not even seen in news or any updates anywhere. Infact RSS is a world heard in speech of rivals nowadays, rather than the actual news about them. Here we have to ask our-self? Are we the victim of information control.

Now, coming to Kasab, is a lone surviving gunman really the face of terror for everything that happened? Is he also the victim of control of information through? The man who was told to walk into an unknown land carrying a gun at the promise of some amount of money? He is already contained, can someone believe that to keep him we need 2 lakhs per day, if it is true, we need to find out exactly why we need 2 lakhs per day to keep an unarmed man alive in a 4 by 4 prison cell. Do we surround him by a circle of elite guards? Or do we use those star wars lookalike laser prisons with all the electricity.

The control of information is the fundamental policies in any political game. The oldest rule of the land is, show them the villain and they start worshiping the hero. The control of information is how societies are formed, but this control of information also gives us a sense of fear or the sense of safety when there is none. It is a mirage that maybe good for the benefit of few but is very very bad for the greater good. For a truly liberal society we have to see beyond the mirage of information control.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Janlokpal is a bad idea and why India needs it.

Whenever someone comes to me with the idea of signing the janlokpal bill, I pity at the person with such a sweet and innocent hope that one document is going to solve the problem haunting India for last 200 years and more. Yes well, I don't believe that janlokpal is going to solve the problem anymore than the reservation is actually going to help any stupid backward class person grow in life.

When we look at the whole world in general, there are many skeptical views on janlokpal bill. True believers will go to extreme length forwarding emails to everyone asking them to sign some petition against the corrupt people. The skeptics will then go and ask questions like what will happen if the lokayukt is corrupt etc. etc. etc.

Both these arguments as they amuse me, they also are a cry for help. People are frustrated about corruption and the way it is affecting the country and want to do something about it. People in initial stage of frustration are still having the hope that satyagraha and Janlokpal can actually solve this problem. People in the final stage of frustration have completely given up hope and believe nothing can be done about the corruption and the lokayukt also will become corrupt.

One fails to understand a very fundamental question on corruption, who are corrupt? and why are they corrupt?
These corrupt are people, people like you and me who have walked up there and caused corruption. Then can we say the entire humanity is corrupt? Let us give up hope and dissolve all the systems then.

Researcher and economist Adam Smith, who did a research on cheating and documented them in the theory of moral sentiment, argues that human beings are generally 87% honest. A man can resist the temptation of doing something bad 87% of the time, the factors affecting his moral decision are festivals, environment (weather condition) and in general position of power.
If we believe in what he said, then a serious question hits us, exactly why is it than that we see this new surge on corruption in this country? A article in the book freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner actually provoked this post mentioned the information imbalance. What made this politicians and ministers rob us for the last 40 years was that there was no way the information was made public. The only channel of information for these cases to come out was mass media, which apparently was already inclined to certain political masters. I won't call the media bias for they simply wished to survive. News channel is not a social service, for a smaller fish to survive you have to join the league of a larger fish.

So what has changed now? The information imbalance was taken care of by the internet if we look at the statistics of usage of Internet in India we see out of 1,173,108,018 population, 100,000,000 are on the internet (source: Source: The internet is trying to change what we see

Here again we come to the core point, then what does this all mean? Simply speaking, Janlokpal is come up with a magic formula, implement us and be free of corruption forever.... bullshit. Janlokpal is going to create a hyper mess of things than they are already in the market. Janlokpal is doing what many millions of others did before them in ponzi scheme, job frauds or even chit fund schemes use of human sentiments and emotions for benefit of their own. Why Janlokpal is bad? There are thousands of skeptics out there, I am not one of them, I won't talk about it. In one single line, you cannot remove the flaws in one system by creating another system perpendicular to it.

Then why do we need Janlokpal? For the same reason, we need a traffic cop despite of traffic signals. The concept of janlokpal maybe flawed and all, but never before has the entire population risen up-to something. The flood of the emails and chain mails that are spamming the inbox to join Janlokpal over something is good. People are at-least doing something about it. The corruption monster was sowed by the student who solved previous exam papers for the likely questions to come in exam or by those who paid 100 rs to the police because they didn't bother as they earned 30,000, it was sowed by those who decided that accepting a tip for your service is valid and now the fruits have reaped in a way that someone other that those who sowed the seeds are making fruits out of it.

Janlokpal is again a catalyst for the change that is coming, it simply increased the speed of the distress among the masses. While I don't believe it is going to help fix the current problem, but the two systems(democracy and lokayukt) can nullify each other giving us a cleaner system and a better system.

A system we let rot and corrupt.

P.s. These are my views entirely and are NOT supported by any organization, individual or person. You may feel I am wrong, which is understood, however I expect you to observe moral code of conduct in your language in comments as it is on a public forum.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

94% of the world is middlemen and they don't like to see the middle finger

The world in its broad diversity and superb ethnicity can be roughly classified into three categories.  The creators formed of scientist, engineers, film producers, bus drivers, writers, poets and then we have some normal people who use these services, like commuters, movie goers, normal people etc and then there are some lawyers, marriage bureau and other people who are some how standing in the middle of everything.
There was no need for the aunty to meddle in my affairs but as the carrier of torch for the entire middle man community she opened her mouth in my front,

"I saw you that day," she said, "you were with the girl..."
"I am with many girls, be specific who?" I quipped.
"She was wearing provocative dress and you were doing something unthinkable near the mall," she quipped.

Now, this was a serious allegation, I ordered my brain to open the archives of memories and scan the list of girls I was with in the mall. Obviously, the list was small and it narrowed down to two girls. Now the question of me doing something unthinkable with them in a provocative dress was... completely out of question.

Then I realize this aunty in question existed only in old India and doing something unthinkable could range somewhere in between talking to her to holding her hands (beyond which the Aunty will ask me if if the girl in question was my sister)

"It does not suit a boy of a good household doing those things in public," she said, "You are now coming of age, shall I look a girl for you?"

First, the aunty had no business poking in my life, second, who was that girl I didn't know but I was pretty sure she was not the distant relative of the aunty, she could be related to king kong but. So I decided to give the conversation a you turn.

"Are you still with the XYZ uncle? Do you know what they call aunties who take active interest in young, single boys life? And in this age aunty do you think it is appropriate for you to watch me doing unthinkable in public? You should be ashamed of yourself, what will people think, you talking to me like this. And what it is you are showing girls to boys like me? Don't you have any shame left or is this some part time business??"
I heard she stomped her way away from me and I distinctively heard, 'Manner-less,' as she was walking.

Move over old aunties who have passed their expiry days anyways (no offense to anyone out there, as long as you don't meddle in between others you are not aunty), there are people who are paid to be middle man.

My new found obsession has become travelling in the local bus. First it started with exploring the authenticity of Google Maps who has started posting transit time table in Pune, then my family got worried that I was ill, so it continued.

So the other day I was running towards the bus stop, late as usual. The driver was watching me run towards it and was yawning loudly (manner-less) as I looked into his eyes running, we had the telepathic conversation.
'Wait,' I am coming.
'Don't worry, I am not leaving,' he replied, telepathically.

All of the sudden, the middle man, the bus conductor rang the bell, ting ting and the telepathic link was broken. The bus drove away in front of me. Middle men I tell you.

Finally, Indian Railways have decided to roll new online ticketing service to filter middle mens and the agents, we should be prepared for the next recession? After all, those people who were earning money are not going to take care of themselves are they?

Talking about middle men, I was standing in the middle of the road minding my own business. Ok, actually I was standing in the middle of the road watching a weird man do weird things, (I like to study humans, sue me)  this dude comes up to me suddenly,
"Hey, do you need any help?" he asked.
"No, I am fine" I replied politely.
"Then, mister," he said, a bit rudely I may say, " Would you mind getting off from the middle of the road?"
Word of advise people, if you can't find the weird man doing weird things on the street, its probably you.

P.s. I don't know if it has become the status symbol yet, but I am on Google Plus, add me to your circle.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dupatta: The anomaly of being Indian

The universe is infinite and growing both ways, if we combine the stupidity of people together on the entire timeline, past, present and the future… we will find it very shameful to even exist. The existence of entire populace lies on a simple assumption that someday they will meet the maker and hope that the thing they believed their entire life is actually true. Thin chance there.
The society is changing, day in and out we find our-self confronted with the inevitable. The cases of rapes, honor killing, dowry deaths is on the rise. People nowadays blame the social media and television for increase of these issue, however one tends to ignore the fact social media actually bubbles up the small incidents. The bile on the private part of a person to a gruesome horrible family incident, both see the light of the day on Social channels.

When such news  hit the media, the world divides itself in two groups, the rationalist and the feminist. 
The rationalist believe that if woman wear appropriate clothes (that they approve of) such incidents won’t happen, while the feminist believe that the people should change their views or attitude of looking towards woman to present these incidents. I won’t say the rationalist are right, however I also don’t say they are wrong. They, simply do not know any way better. The feminist, on the other hand are also not right, but also not wrong. Both groups are trying to prevent the inevitable in their own sense of way.

The appropriate clothes that the rationalist so justify, is formed by a native garment also known as dupatta. This small piece of cloth has come a long way in history. Let us glance at his journey through the eastern history with all limited document we have. The basic assumption of this article rest on the fact that the values of the society were reflected in the stories that were composed in the era (like Shakuntala, Ramayana and Mahabharata etc.)

If we look back in history, dating back to Indus valley civilization, the society was binding on people. Men were bounded to the society by their varna, while the female were bounded to the society by their husband. There was no freedom to either of them. If a Kshatriya child wished to became a brahman he couldn’t do it, neither would his wife be allowed to do certain activities.The kings were bound to the subjects and the subjects were bound to the king, this entire setup was build so that there are no surprises. The woman were a liberal breed back then, were they could choose the husband for themselves (swayamvara) and also refuse to marry them, if they did not like it (Shakunta, the original writings in Pali, point to the fact that she refused the marry the king unlike the modern retelling of the tale) This system was known to create by 7 reformers also known as Saptarhrishi (the 7 sages) in the retelling.

As mentioned in Ramayana, if everyone starts becoming ambitious, the kingdom will fall, for a society to succeed(in Hinduism Ram Rajya or as mentioned by Greeks, utopia) there should be strict discipline and moral code of conduct. Everything was subjective, like we have in corporate world, you do the task assigned to you and let others do what others have to do. Every other woman was treated as your bhabhi, hence the term originated as bhabhi ma. This era, the woman were scantly clad as can be seen by the traditional 9 vari saaree or the dressing sense of Shakuntala, Jaimani or Parvati (there is historic proof for these dresses, the society was liberal back then) also the biggest proof of the era was the temple of Khajurao, which dates back in that timezone itself.

Then the Persians traders stepped into the land. The Persians men treated their wives as a trophy and were freely indulging into other activities.The woman wore a full body covering clothing called the ‘Burqa’ and were completely dependent on their male. This seeded the roots of revolution in the indus valley civilization. The first wind of a semi-free society reached the land and shook the roots of Indus valley. (This I am talking about is before the mugul era, where the Greeks and the Persian merchants came the land)

This era also saw the emergence of Greeks, where woman were treated as damsel in distress and the heros and knights went on the quest to protect the honor of the woman (this should also suggest the emergence of Mahabharta which has a Greek influence on it, demi gods, heros etc rather than the traditional family values in it)

Many historians argue as to when the actual bubble of the Indus valley broke, but they all agree (and so do the scriptures) one fine day, River Saraswati dried down. The valley, the disciplined society broke its barriers. You cannot be disciplined if you and your family are hungry. A man is happy being a shudra as long as his family gets respect, food and shelter. The drying of river and the famine, showed the true colors of the society jolting it back to reality. There were fights for the supplies, some community took over the land creating a social imbalance.

While this was going on, the men though of the woman as a liability. Obviously, back in those days woman were also struggling to cope up with changing time, but the pressure of motherhood (biologically a mother cannot see her offspring suffer, a father can) was on them and managing the entire family in the times, was hard. Hence, the woman were shunned into the corner… or kitchen. To protect from the privy eyes, they were told to wear a wield over them also called padar in Marathi or dupatta in Hindi. This idea was borrowed from the Persians.

Ten years, the famine continued and many things happened during the time, Buddhism was created (there is a dispute regarding this) smaller kingdoms were formed (before the famine only Adhinayak was the king as mentioned in Rabindranath Tagore, Jana Gana Mana, so far only 5 Adhinayak are in existence, the 6th being Kalki) people with political manifesto and rebels became king and the entire society collapsed.The situation was sought out by the colonial Europe who had traveled to the new world in search of cibola (the legendary city of Gold.) they saw a society with all the natural resources but no social or economic advantage. The European society believed in linear world, were the king or queen (or even bishop) were ordered supreme. They tried to establish society from the debris of the collapsed world. Many reformers who saw this as a opportunity of shunning the evil practices came forward to build a stronger world. The practices of child marriages, Sati were deemed evil and shunned and a new modern Indus valley civilization was born. A hybrid version of subjectivity and objectivity.

But the bedrock of the civilization lay in its culture, the complete culture (good or evil values) and this new society which was semi formed of some remaining part of the older civilization, stuck to few of its older values and tradition and ignored the many others, thus creating an imbalance in the society as we see today.

The woman are struggling to find their existence in the new society, so are many caste. This society is now struggling between the subjective truths of the Indus valley civilization and its polytheism while at the same time, trying to cope up with the objective realities of the modern world and its monotheism and atheism. This creates a big gaping hole in the society and the entire value system collapses, woman are not honored, freedom is not respected and we face the inevitable. This phenomenon is actually called Kalyug in scriptures.

Is there a solution? Yes and No. Yes, we need to implement the biggest change management in the region for a 100,million people where old values are respectfully thrown away completely and embrace a new set of rules, deemed fit for the new world. and No, there is no point in openly rebelling against each other, feminist organizing slutwalk etc and the rationalist forming Khap Panchayat. Once we let go of the prejudice between us and look at the bigger picture, then we might come to the terms of the new world.

This new world will again be the ram rajya (or utopia), where everyone lives with honor, respect and satisfied but it won’t be the same as the old world. We need to accept the fact that there is no turning back, every attempt to turn back is going to create more tussle and more conflicts that can result in mutual self destruction.

Change is coming and if you are not part of the bulldozer of change, you are part of the road. Will you go down without a fight?

Have you read my book yet?

Have you read my book yet?
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