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Top 10 reasons why you shouldn't buy Samsung Galaxy Tab

As I was crawling the Indivine, I realized that many people are telling the world why you should buy the Samsung galaxy tab and I said, hey what the hell, how many times has someone listened to what you say? In-fact, if I get a penny for every time I ask a person to go jump, i'll be richer than the richest man on earth. So the point is, people don't listen. India is a democratic country and people who don't want to buy a Galaxy Tab also exist, we do respect the minorities don't we? This story is about those who don't want to buy a Galaxy Tab.

So let me get to the point and tell you top ten reasons why you shouldn't buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab

1. You still believe that computer should be kept in one corner and there will be a dedicated time to use it.
Because Samsung Galaxy Tab does everything a computer does, except sits in the corner. It moves with you wherever you go in business meetings, with you everywhere.

2. You like bonding with people while asking for direction in the middle of the street.
Its essentially for you to wait in the middle of the streets before asking directions, obviously with Google Maps, you are never lost. Also it is of no use for you if you go to only one place for last 17 years, so what Google Places enlists all the interesting places around you. You are not interested.

3. You have a habit of flipping pages by dipping your index finger and thumb in saliva
So what the readers hub in Samsung Galaxy gives access to 10,000 of titles, so what it has the functions of pinch zoom, virtual bookmarking etc. you don't have the facility to flip pages by dipping your index finger and thumb in saliva.

4. You prefer to wait for an auspicious hour to check all your mail at once
Its a tradition, I can understand. You first take a proper bath, then have a full meal, comb your hair neatly and then sit on the computer to 'Check email', its a tradition. 20 mins in your personal planner are reserved for Checking email. So what if Samsung Galaxy gives you an optimized view of your email instantly. Its not exactly what you what now is it?

5. You are in love with animated Office Assistant in Office desktop suite 
Completely understandable, you love the cute little pin who walks over your document and asks you, 'May I help you with something' Yes you are right. You need the desktop based office, so what if Samsung Galaxy comes pre-loaded with Polaris office that helps you create word document, power-point presentation and spreadsheets on the fly. You will not buy it. Period.

6. A Facebook friend is a Facebook friend, he should not be a phone book friend.
Its fine, so what you are following me on Facebook, twitter, Gtalk and we also share phone numbers. So what Samsung Galaxy comes with a easy to use social hub that integrates all your contacts in one place. Who needs to merge these anyways.

7. Your Walkman has a sentimental values and you still like to change the cassette every now and then.
The classic old ways is the classic old ways. So what if the Samsung Galaxy has a fancy music hub which allows you to access popular and classic songs with artist information, critics review, music review and more, it does not however has the power of playing B side of the cassette.

8. You love your age old, sticky notes organizer... which itself needs organizing, but you love it
A tool that has helped you give so much over so many years. It took you an hour to hunt for the scribe, but you did find the number to that important client it in your organizer and you like it, Who needs the better organizer of Samsung Galaxy tabs, which also directly integrates Google and Facebook calender to the phone calender?

9. The classic old faceless communication is your preferred mode of communication.
If you feel it is completely OK to hide your face while talking. Yes, who needs the high clarity front and rear camera in the phone? Who wants some nice high clarity photos, not you no.

10. You don't need the power of 10.1 inch screen to impress your coworkers.
You are happy with the tiny little phone that simply sits in your pocket doing nothing. It has got no angry birds, no flash support, no power of android Honeycomb, no sleek and light weight design, it has no multitasking, it has nothing.... but it has the digital snake. And you are happy with it. So who cares? You shouldn't buy a galaxy.

So there you go, top ten reason why you shouldn't buy a galaxy but I will. Wonder when will they send it to me?
Let loose my no contest policy for the temping offer of getting a Galaxy Tab.



  1. Guess, those 10 reasons are applicable for any tabs, samsung or not..hehe :)

    I hv to decide between samsung and an I pad... :)


  2. Very innovative way of campaigning for Samsung TAB.
    All the best.

  3. Innovative post Sid.. All the best for the contest.. Here is My Life

    Someone is Special

  4. Another reason for not buying: Hope to receive it as a gift! :-)

  5. I still love digital snake. Period.

  6. ROFL!!
    A very elaborate and creative post on tab.

    Best of luck for the contest.

    Please view and promote my post if you like it here -

  7. Hi Siddhesh

    To the point and concise post. All the best

    If you like my blog, you can promote it.

    Manish V. Panchmatia

  8. best post i've read about it!! And congrats on winning! :D


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