The Strange Case of Pseudo Engineer

Engineering is a complex business. Engineering is the discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize improvements to the lives of people. Bottom line, Engineering is a complex business. But even more complex are the ways of engineers.

Sadly, we don't leave in the ideal world and people who took up engineering to improve the lives of other people barely manage to improve the lives of their own. Many people proudly state the fact that India is the one of the largest producer of Engineers, however it is a misinformed statement, the real one is India is one the largest printer of Engineering degrees.

It also implies that India is the largest reducer of trees who are killed just so that they can give out to some idiots who can either frame it on their wall or can iron it regularly and maintain it in the file to be carried during job interview, marriage selection and to your distant cousins grandmas funeral.

Such people I call them the pseudo engineer. They turn to engineering in a hope that by getting this degree they will feel smart and people will start listening to them. Sadly, after four years of struggling to understand the things they will never understand in a lifetime, they just manage to pass.

There are two types of pseudo Engineers, one who have nothing and still do not get where they reach, one who have everything and still do not get where they reach.

The first category after engineering ends in some outsourcing industry, call center, ITIS or even the normal IT. Every third engineer you bump in a IT industry nowadays is either mechanical, electrical or electronics. Obviously we need testers and support engineers in IT. Even in the normal computer science and IT branch no one will talk about algorithms, they will talk about delivery, they will talk about deadlines but not a single one will talk about algorightms. Hello, you are not labor class, you are engineer.

The second category are, and ill be a bit blunt here, completely lost like a puppy in a panty store. They first do engineering scoring very good grades, then they go to finish MBA in either finance or HR (I never was fan of MBA so do not know what other branches of MBA are available in the market)  finally when the dust settles these Engineers are seen as the team leader in selling insurance, working HR or even sometimes marketing things (I never believed the person on my doorstep was an Engineer and an MBA)

Moving on, there is a group of Pseudo Engineers and their misinformed and brain dead parents, who believe that computer engineering is very easy branch of engineering. I dare them to write a window clipping algorithm in 3 hours and prevent your body from smelling, go on then do it. Or I even dare them to learn the different network protocols for the 'google' site they so effortlessly visit.

Pseudo Engineers are everywhere, someone are getting that degree to get a fat dowry for the marriage, someone are getting their degree to get government contract to prepare those dirty roads. Some are doing it because they believe the engineering degree is going to fetch them money. Imagine their shock when they learn that engineering degree is worthless and what is more important is what they know other than text books. Sadly, nothing.

Engineering was meant to be innovators, incubators, yet one of the largest producers of Engineers in the world managed to make only one car for 1 lakh, managed to make no progress in any other field of engineering. The roads are still messy, the builds still fall. If we had real engineers they would feel proud of the work they did, they would feel proud of the buildings they build, of the software they build. Instead we got a bunch of pseudo engineers, who have nothing else to show that they got a degree and a job that pays their monthly rent.

No wonder we live in Kalyuga.


  1. You really need to consider my suggestion, which I have given you a gazillion times before, proofread your article before publishing it, spell check it, manually.

  2. I think you took engineering to a dead i feel is entirely different to what you described.. it is very simple...if you have the ability to apply logic, then you are an engineer, may be in banking, in automobiles in a chemist shop, or in a grocery store


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