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The Last Rock On Which Universe Collapses

Seven million light years away from my home planet and here he was, drifting across the cosmos. Feeding on the anti-matter energies in this single spaceship he had reached here were everyone would like to reach. Heaven.
Was this heaven? He did not know but it surely did not look like it. In his front was the debris of the universe, a large chunk of astroid that contained nothing but dust and rocks. Spread across miles this uncharted space in the universe this bedrock was the final resting place for anyone going beyond. For beyond this rock rest the vast openness... the end of the universe. The astroid had no physical properties, it had no mass, no height, no breath nothing. It simply was.

He landed his spaceship carefully on the rocks or as careful as he could crash. This is it, he thought, mankind giant leap. He smirked, about 2000 years ago, humans had landed on the moon and though that was their greatest achievement. He knew the drill, what the humans always did to find new planets.
He had done this before, with the military precision he removed the equipment from his ship. His task was to find a nice spot and establish a communication link back to earth. Ears at the end of the universe, ether waves travelling through vacuum.

He was struggling to fix the communication satellite on the ground but the instrument won't stay in its place. He struggled for a while when he heard the voice,

"It won't fix..." the voice said from behind, "I tried for a long time almost a decade and then gave up. This asteroid does not have any physical characteristics. You cannot install anything on this."

He turned around to the source of the voice.

An old man stood behind him watching him struggle. He wore simply rags and was standing tall over him.

"Who are you?" he immediately turned around, he had not anticipated any living creature on this debris. That left to only one conclusion.
"Who do you think?" the old man asked smiling.
"Are you God?"

The old man looked at him and then at the sky above, then again turned at him, "God... that is good, an old concept, older than creation... and no," he paused, "I am not God..."

"What are you doing at this debris then?" he asked, "And again.... who are you?"
"I am a traveller came here a long time ago...and now am..." he again looked up at the open sky, "Do you want a drink?"
"We get drink here?" he asked, thinking about the drink he was making as he got out of the spaceship.

"No, just being polite... we get nothing here. This is it, the buck stops here and everything else. The end of the universe. The alpha and the omega and everything else..."
"Everything?" he asked not ready to accept it, "The universe is ever expanding.... how can it end here?"

"It ends here...this bedrock is the rock on which this end of the universe balances. This stone is a void, it has no physical characteristics and no beginning or end. Beyond this remains only darkness," he pointed to the large black sun in the sky.
"Is that...." he gasped, "Is that a black-hole? Are we orbiting a black hole?"
"Indeed," the old man said, "Black hole... yes... we are orbiting a black hole...."

"But if it is a black-hole, how come we are not sucked into it? Everything else is getting sucked in..." he said looking around.

"The void rock..." the old man smiled, "It took me a while to understand this mystery but finally understood. This rock does not exist and its the reality that is passing away into that void..."

"This is so interesting... " he said exclaiming, "What if there is another reality out there? What if beyond that void is another Universe, maybe a parallel universe. Maybe another reality..."

"Maybe..." the old man said, "But I don't think so. This is all that is, just like this rock, this black-hole also is... there is nothing beyond it, nothing before it..."

"But there is a reality before this... and there should be a reality beyond this. How can there be not? How will we ever find out until we jump through?"

"Maybe some things you have to take as they are..." the old man replied.

"But I cannot take it. I have to find out, I started on the quest to explore everything. Tell you what, I am going beyond... beyond everywhere the man has even been... I am going to be the man...."
He sat back in his spaceship and starting off the engine.

"So you have decided then?" the old man said, "You will find out the final mystery that is left for you to find out..."
"And what is that, oh why old man?" he asked.
"You will finally find out who am I...."

The engines roared fire as the spaceship kicked off into the void. He smiled as he entered the darkness. First his ship travelled through complete darkness and then big rocks. There was no direction, he survived at the expense of two engines of his spaceship.

His spaceship nearly destroyed and so was his will power. He drifted in the void in the debris of his ship for almost a century, time mattered not in this darkness. His body aged with time, he turned ten years older in just two minutes. But he survived like the countless humans who survive through time, again and again.

Soon there was a light amidst the darkness. Soon there was a opening, like a morning sun after a dark night he saw a glimpse of light. Barely alive, his mind screamed, 'Yes... finally,' he thought, 'a human beyond the universe...'

His mind pushed him towards the opening with all his left will power. He knew this was it, this was the final push. The final destination.

No ship, all in tatters, aged a lot he still carried the will to do the impossible. With all the energy he could summon he pushed through to the light. The light blinded him and he felt something strong beneath his feet. He kissed the land below and looked around, he had finally made it. He had made it to the end of the world and beyond...

The world looked familiar, it was same as the world he came through. The world was familiar. He had landed on the void rock again. He looked up and saw the black-hole consuming everything. He was back from where he started. There was no other world, there was nothing. Where is that old man? He though looking around, there was nobody on the planet.

A distant rumbling was heard as he turned his head in the direction of the sound.

"Oh," where the words barely audible from his mouth as he saw the spaceship appear from the distant. The man got down from the ship and got busy establishing the communication device.


  1. Interesting 'Cycle'. Well, I too believe that it happens this way :-)

    1. Hey welcome back and yep the cycle continues....:D

      P.s. Wow i got threaded comments...:D


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