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The silence of the fallen

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 32; the thirty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is 'An Untold Story'
"There is a story about that scar and I want to know it...," Jonny said casually joining the table at the high-school reunion. The whole gang was there together except Jagdish who could not fly in to their reunion.

The scar in question was the mark on face of Ravi, who had driven all the way to Goa from remote village of Karnataka. The group of six or the sinister six, as they were known in college, had gathered together as they had promised ten years after college in the remote shack in Goa.  Ravi, Jonny, Jagdish, Bobby, Mangesh and Pankaj had first met during the common detention in their first year in college. These six from six different departments and branches had one thing in common, on the fateful day of Sixteenth December Ninteen Ninteety Nine they all were detained in their respective department for crime so sinister that they were send to the office of director for punishment.

Since then the six made it a point to meet every five years in this old shack. They shared their life and adventures together and laughed at the day when the six met. It was at this meeting only five could come because unknown to the other three Jagdish was killed a year back in the diamond valley. Only Ravi and one other person knew about this in the group.

After college Ravi had made his way into the world doing many odd jobs. He was a bully in his college but in the real life, he realized, there where bigger bullies than him. After a while he joined a private security consultant or a bounty hunter. He would take a lot of money to protect someone or bring something back. A year back Ravi received a call from Jagdish, who after college had turned into a treasure hunter. Treasure hunting was a passion for Jagdish who would go on private funded and government funded missions to excavate gold, diamond, precious stones. His profit was 10% of the find.

All was going fine until he stumbled upon diamond valley. Diamond valley was a bad omen from the start. It was a diamond mine found accidentally by Jagdish during a hiking trip with few friends. The valley was called Devils Omen by the natives as they feared there lived a ancient devil in the valley protecting the demons. They protested excavation of the diamonds for the fear of the demon to be unleased on this world.

Jagdish was not going to be deterred by these small things. He went on with the plan of excavating the diamonds until he... was betrayed. He was killed by someone in this group who betrayed him and killed him in those diamond mines.

Only, one thing, Jagdish had called Ravi on the night of his murder, he mentioned that he was calling members of the sinister six for this finding. The next day when Ravi reached the mine, he saw his friend lying in the pool of blood. Before he could do anything, in the darkness of the diamond mine someone attacked him on his face giving him the scar on the face permanently.

The attacker fled but he knew one among the five was there. Jagdish had called someone else before him and that person had betrayed the friend. One year Ravi waited patiently for the attacker to return but no one came. The attack was for diamonds and whoever had attacked had foiled in his plan to make profit out of it. He knew the attacked would not resist killing him at this get-together, after all it was the question of 100 million diamonds, people have killed their friends for less.

Ravi drove all the way for the get-together to find out if someone was missing, apparently no one, everyone was here. So the killer was here too. The game was on and out of the five here, one of the four was planning to kill him. Ravi had plans of his own.

Rubbing his scar, Ravi smiled back at Jonny and replied to his casual inquiry about the scar, "Nothing much, just another days work..."

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  1. Nicely written story, while I was reading.. I felt like a detective :D
    :) All the best for BAT 32 :)


    1. Thank you and then can you solve this unsolved mystery?

    2. I have been really bad with the "Agatha Chritie's Mysteries" ..Haven't read many thriller novels.. :P
      Spare me the investigation this time :D .. Why don't you tell me Who is the Killer :P

    3. Alright so here it is... i have almost decided to write part II... maybe for next blogaton or next most. Wait for it....and it is good...:D

    4. :) How generous :P .. hehehe.. :)

      I will be here, and if I by any chance forget please give my blog a visit :)
      I am so inquisitive to know how the untold story the part II :D :D

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't this supposed to be an untold story... guess....:D

  3. When are you going to complete this... eagerly waiting... :)

    1. Hey as far as I know this is complete... it is story untold...:D

    2. For this BAT it is perfect.. but you should complete it..I think many would love love read the complete one...that includes me also..:)

    3. Ok Here is the hint, the killer is mentioned in the above passage....:D

  4. Sid..well written untold story..good read
    All the best for BAT

    I am here

  5. That isn't fair...say how about you do a part 2 of this? :)

    1. Well fair, the topic was thus and so thus I completed the uncompleted story....:D

  6. Sinister :) Hmm, felt like a Hardy Boys kinda thing :) So was it Ravi only? Best wishes for BAT!

  7. complete the story pls...

    yeah yeah its an untold story,, but come on make an exception..

    u know its a great sin to leave a wonderful mystery incomplete

    1. Aah well so many people are demanding maybe ill have to write the next part...o.O

  8. Please write the next part ! So , so interesting ! Best of luck :)

    1. Sure now I have almost decided to write the next part... :D wait for it soon...

  9. I never expected such a thriller, awesome post.Eagerly waiting for the sequel .

    Do visit mine

  10. u got to write the sequel...cant wait
    ATB for BAT :)

  11. After Harry Potter scar, this is going to be the next famous scar!!
    And, welcome back to BAT :-)

  12. Welcome back Sidoscope :)

    Happy to see you writing for Blogaton :) That was an untold story about sinister six, but I wonder who could be the killer :)

    PS: I'm human, please disable word verification and enable comment moderation bro :)

    Someone is Special


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