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And So Facebook Shut down....

"Dude, its the end of the world," screamed my hysteric friend over phone, "After nineteen years I made 300 stable friends and its all over..."
"Huh," I asked checking who was calling me, early in the morning, "What?"
"Wake up Sid," he shouted, "Facebook has shut down...."
The nerve cells in my spinal chord, which usually don't wake up till heavy dose of coffee, suddenly shot up high-sparks into my brain causing a heavy headache, "Dude, you kidding right?"
"No man, no," he cried loudly like a big baby who lost his butterfly, "Dude, she had added me man...after so many years man, she found me on facebook man."
He hung up, crying out loud. I immediately got down from my bed and crash landed on my android, 'Cannot fetch notifications now, please try later' the smart phone replied.

Nails biting and nervous splitting, I did not know what to do, trying hard to remember what the officer had told me during the fire drill, I crashed again from my bed. The phone rang again,

"Don't come out..." she replied, in full on panic mode, "Three random people have already asked for my fraadship on the street. The world is going crazy out there."

I tuned on the television and realized, world war III was about to began. The whole world was going to attack the United States and a massive manhunt for Mark Zukenberg had began. As there was no facebook around, I decided to run to the coffee shop for a fresh cup of coffee.

Round the street, a college kid was being chased by cops for writing on the street, he had written,
"LOL, just saw a fat cop," while the cops where chasing him, two people appended the saying, "1 Person likes this."

Nervous with what I was seeing, I bumped into one of my colleague on the street, she was so glad on seeing me, she immediately blurted out,
'Yo man, wassup...'
'hey Hi, see the crisis around?' I asked nervous, lest she decides to poke me in the eye.
'Yeah man... hey listen GTG...'

By the time I could decipher GTG, she had poked someone else and was out of sight. Still not believing what was happening, I saw the neighborhood family out there with their photo-album, shoving it in faces of people as they walk.

A person was begging me the watchman to let him harvest few crops in the local garden and the watchman was having hard time stopping people approaching with spade in the garden. The more I realized what this all was getting into, I pictured people going to buy real guns to play Mafia wars on the street.

Suddenly there was a big shout in the library only to realize people have decided to throw books in people faces and tag them facebook. A heavy lord of the rings (hard bound edition) was flying towards me and I had less time to duck, when someone shouted, 'Facebook...ha ha'


The alarm on my phone was tired of going on snooze for the last time, woke me up. Android dutifully reported 5 notifications on facebook and I gave a sigh of relief. No facebook did not end that day and I hope it won't, not because I am addicted to it, no I am not, but because I am scared what will happen to all the people now busy updating their facebook status suddenly become free? Scary thought no?

P.s. This is just a spoof on the news story (apparently rumor) that Facebook will Shut down on March 15th, so far no credible sources confirm this claim and is to be considered rumor. Although the site which posted it does mention Aliens will attack us in 2011, so lets be prepared.


  1. Hahhahahaahhaha!!!! Kya dream hai, Siddhesh!!

  2. Nightmare! Am logging into facebook asap. I need to reassure myself that all is well!

  3. 1 Person LIKES this.


  4. FB is addictive and has become an integral part of our lives like the cellphone...Fascinating read.

  5. gasp gasp ... how dare you even dream that facebook will shut down :D

  6. Lol! like ur take on the social networking addiction! :D

  7. @Mani
    :P Thanks

    I dream big you know...;)

    Login... fast.... jaldi...:P

    :D The end of world!!!!

    Yup and now it has became a necessity over food, clothes and shelter.

    oh well, there was a rumor that it will, I just thought what will happen if...:P

    :D Thank you....:D

  8. Niceee!haha what have we come to!you could expand it into a movie script or a short film.
    OH now..
    2 people LIKE this

  9. thanks Amrit, also thanks for reading so many post. :D

  10. Dropped here via the Amerikan Desi blog.

    Very well written! Much fun!
    There was some video on youtube published a month back on similar thingy!

  11. Aah well Ab, yes it does look similar....:D


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