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Will you follow me please?

"Did you follow me?" I asked walking to my desk.
"What? You are just back from the washroom," he replied, "Why would I follow you there?"
"No, not there..." I replied correcting him, "That would be so Gay, I meant follow me on twitter..."
"Why would I follow you on twitter?" he questioned.
"So that you hear me speak..." I replied.
"Why would I hear you speak? We share the cubicle together and we are together for eight hours a day," he asked.
"Because I make witty remarks on everything on twitter..." I replied.
"But you make witty remarks on everything you see, and I don't like it...." he resorted.
"But my remarks are refined and subtle on twitter," I argued, "And I write them very carefully thinking about everything..."
"Where you doing that in the meeting with your phone?" he questioned.
"I saw you, staring in your phone deeply, while the presentation was going on... the whole room saw you infact..."
"No, they didn't..." I replied, thinking deeply, when was it.
"Yes, they did, people do notice if you are laughing when the manager is speaking about we not meeting deadlines...." he shrugged.
"But you should follow me on twitter, it is @sidoscope, thats" I replied coming back on track.
"I do not want to follow you anywhere, I know you always take the wrong turn and land on another floor in this building..." he replied.
"That happened only once, because I was tweeting while coming out of the lift..." I replied, "Other times I see the correct floor, just miss my cubicle..."
"Isn't that what happened right now?" he asked.
"What do you mean, this is my cubicle... I know my seat...." I looked around and surprised to see the cubicle different.
"No, you don't, this is not your cubicle, this is not even mine. I was just here to chat with someone," he got up from the seat, "Now follow me @ your cubicle..."

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  1. u missed your floor..??? and you missed your cubicle... twitter guru ki jai..!!

  2. Hahahahaha!

    This could pretty much be a slice of life... since several lakhs rather millions let their life be ruled by a little blue bird... who is tweeting all the way to the Bank...

  3. hehe....maja ali vachtana :)
    how r u? howz life?

  4. ROFLMAO! Twitter is seriously messing around with your thought processes. Just don't end up with any other girl apart from your girlfriend when you are on a date, while tweeting! :P
    Btw - "But you make witty remarks on everything you see, and I don't like it...." he resorted.
    I think it will be 'retorted'?

  5. @Chandz
    I once missed my railway station due to twitting... floor toh kuch bhi nai...;)

  6. @Roshmi
    :P We all wanted to fly right like a bird? :P

  7. @Megha
    mala pan majja ali lihitana... mee ekdum mast... tu kadhi alis back? :D

  8. @Sammy
    I hope my marriage is not live twitted online...;)

  9. hahahah talk abt absent mindness... or is it twitter mania :D
    ROFLing post

  10. :) thoda track var aliye mi...ata try karte regular lihihayla


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